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Halo Infinite players want classic feature that Multiplayer “desperately” needs

Published: 15/Dec/2021 3:57

by Alan Bernal


Halo Infinite players want 343 to integrate a classic Multiplayer feature they agree is “desperately” needed to save the game’s dull matchmaking.

Multiplayer in 343’s latest installment of the franchise is largely a success but there’s still some fine-tuning that the devs are looking to make. Based on player feedback, Infinite already got massive changes to its matchmaking playlists with more expected in the future.

Since the studio is willing to pivot a bit to appease player requests, the Halo community is hoping they also make changes to address the lack of community in online play.

“Halo desperately needs a pre-game and post-game lobby,” user ‘Justintheballer’ said. “The social aspect of this game is so dry and makes the game less fun”


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343 Industries
Halo players want lobbies in Infinite to be more active by letting people talk to each other before and after a match.

Back in the Xbox and Xbox 360 days of the series, there was no better way to talk trash or make friends in Halo than the brief moments where everyone’s mics were active.

In the modern-day, Halo Infinite’s matchmaking system simply fills up a server with players then puts you straight into the game. Once the match is over, you’re quickly returned to the Multiplayer screen to queue up again.

“3000% agree,” another user said in response. “This game is great but missing the community aspect. That’s what really made the early games special.”

Halo DESPERATELY needs a Pre-Game and Post-Game lobby…The Social Aspect of this game is so dry and makes the game less FUN 😔 from halo

This is something that players noticed was lacking since the Master Chief Collection (MCC) which, some argued, took away from the gameplay experience. “This was my least favorite thing about MCC,” another person said. “Took all the fun outta having a fun team, when you don’t actually stay with them.


“No one actually works together cause no one talks, and no one adds you [to their friend’s list] cause it sends you straight into a game and straight out.”