FormaL doubles down on competing in Halo Infinite with $250k event coming up

formal on optic podcastYouTube: OpTic Chicago

Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper announced his retirement from professional Call of Duty competition after the 2021 season ended, now he has doubled down on the idea that he might still attend Halo Infinite tournaments when it launches.

Halo is seeing a huge revival in 2021. Halo Infinite launches on December 8 and the first major tournament of the Halo Championship Series season will follow just days later, at HCS Raleigh from December 17-19.

With renewed commitment from the developers and some top-tier esports organizations who have already picked up teams, the hype is really picking up for the first event of the season.

Not only that, but some top CoD pros have hinted at an interest in competing, and FormaL has once again doubled down on his desire to go and play at the event.

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formal optic chicagoCall of Duty League
FormaL became one of the greatest CoD players of all time after his start in Halo.

During the October 3 episode of the OpTic podcast, FormaL got onto the topic of Halo with Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez, and Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards.

“Let me know, Halo pros,” he said, quite tongue-in-cheek when they started talking about the event. “For real, though, I might play that sh*t. It’s on my birthday too.”

We’ve also seen the likes of Shotzzy hint at a desire to compete in the event, so, it’s not completely impossible that we see a few CoD pros turn up at the event. It’s not the first time FormaL has said he wants to play it, either.

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For many viewers, this will be the first real taste of Halo esports for a long, long time, and with all the hype surrounding it, it’s guaranteed to cause a stir in the community.

There are countless former pros who now compete in or play various other games, and it will be interesting to see how many of them decide to come back and see how they fare against the new guys.

FormaL was always seen as someone with huge potential and a very high ceiling in the game — maybe, somehow, he can pull off a major upset at the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh.

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