FormaL teases possibility of competing in Halo Infinite esports

FormaL teases possibility of competing in Halo Infinite esports343 Industries / CDL

Former Call of Duty World Champion and Halo pro, FormaL teases his fans with possibly returning to his roots and competing in Halo Infinite. FormaL retired from professional CoD after the 2021 CDL season.

Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper, is considered one of the greatest console players ever, with over 26 event wins between Halo and CoD.

The esports competitor spent 11 years playing in Halo and Call of Duty before calling it quits.

Now he spends his time streaming games likes Warzone and Valorant, but maybe he wants to return. FormaL continues to tease fans that his retirement may not be the end of his career.

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Halo Esports is coming back later in 2021.

FormaL hints at competing in Halo Infinite

With Halo Infinite set to release later in 2021, more and more players have shown interest in returning to the Halo Championship Series.

In his latest stream, FormaL brings up the idea of returning to HCS and “dominating” the competition.

“I was kinda thinking of going pro in Halo again, what do you think about that? Halo Infinite, Heard a little birdie say there’s a f**king reason to go back.”

FormaL went on to add that if he were to come back it would be extremely impressive to just come back to the game and dominate right away.

Earlier this year, Halo announced its launch partner teams, which features nine Orgs that will be the face of the HCS. While these teams are partnered, they received no competitive advantage.

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halo infinite sniper343 Industries
FormaL began his esports career in Halo before swapping over to CoD.

While most of the rosters for these teams are set this doesn’t mean FormaL can’t find his way onto a roster. This is not the first time FormaL has implied that he might not be permanently retiring from playing. He has hinted at this just being a year off of CoD and possibly coming back to compete.

Even though this could just be another classic bait by FormaL it still has fans wondering what he really plans to do now that he is a content creator.