Dr Disrespect, Courage, and more back idea to bring Battle Royale to Halo Infinite

LordHayabusa357/343 Industries

As Halo Infinite continues to plummet in popularity, fans are wondering why the FPS doesn’t feature a battle royale, which has caught the attention of Dr Disrespect, Courage, and others.

Halo Infinite was one of the most hyped games of 2021, but just a few months after release the player base has shrunk exponentially.

Now, several influencers have praised an idea for what could have been, if 343 had decided to embrace a battle royale mode from day one.

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Halo battle royale: what could have been

In a tweet that’s since garnered thousands of likes — including from influencers like Dr Disrespect, CouRage, and more — Halo pro Snip3down imagined what could have been if 343 had focused on a battle royale mode.

“Halo should have spent the last 6 years making the best BR possible,” Snip3down said. “With all the available lore, while using forge world to create multiple maps from previous Halo’s as the POI’s.”

Additionally, instead of introducing a brand-new multiplayer system with Infinite, the FaZe pro thinks 343 should have kept what we had in Halo 5.

“Just update H5 competitive settings for tournaments,” he continued. “Arena shooters just stale AF man.”

Along with Dr Disrespect and CouRage liking Snip3down’s idea, Apex Legends pro ImperialHal went further, suggesting that if Forge mode had been included from launch, players could contribute their own ideas to a Halo BR map.

“Imagine if Halo allowed people to create their own BR maps through forge constantly,” Hal wrote. “It would be endless replayability.”

From community feedback, a Halo BR definitely seems like it would have been a hit. But, even if one comes out down the line, it remains to be seen whether that would be enough to revitalize player’s interest in the series.