Is Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Scott Baird
Cloud and Sephiroth with Shinra soldiers in FF7 Rebirth

The latest game in the Final Fantasy franchise has just arrived, but will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth be available to play on Xbox Game Pass in the future?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the highly anticipated second part of the Remake trilogy has just launched on PS5, and with the game having a timed exclusivity window on the current-gen Sony console, Xbox and PC fans may be wondering if it will be coming to Game Pass at some point in the future.

Rebirth picks up from Remake’s cliffhanger and continues to the story of Cloud and Friends as they journey through an open world, meet iconic characters, and experience a timeline that diverges from the original 1997 game.

If you’re curious to know if Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the future, we’ve got everything we know so far right here.

Aerith, Tifa, and Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth key art

Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth coming to PC & Xbox Game Pass?

As of the time of writing, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not confirmed for Xbox Game Pass. Currently, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is only confirmed for PlayStation 5, with ports to other platforms expected starting after May 29, 2024, when the exclusivity window ends.

Unfortunately, Xbox fans are out of luck, as Sony has confirmed that the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy are PlayStation exclusives. This means that none of the three games will appear on Xbox platforms, which shuts down the prospect of them appearing on Xbox Game Pass.

If Final Fantasy VII Remake and its sequels received a PC port on the Microsoft Store, that could open the doorway for the trilogy to appear on PC Game Pass, but no such version currently exists. As of the time of writing, the only PC versions of Final Fantasy VII Remake are on EGS and Steam, with the same expected for its sequels.

It’s a shame that the Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t be coming to Xbox platforms anytime soon, as the hardware is more than capable of running it. Sony was eager to lockdown some major exclusives for its platform, which means that Xbox owners will be left out of Cloud Strife’s new adventures.

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