Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy confirmed as PlayStation exclusives

Scott Baird
Cloud Tifa Barret in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's Fort Condor minigame

Sony has finally confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and the unnamed third game in the trilogy are all PlayStation console exclusives.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was one of the biggest console exclusives on PlayStation 4. A huge announcement during E3 2015 had fans salivating at the thought of returning to Midgar. It’s just a shame they had to wait until 2020 to play it.

Square Enix always presented Final Fantasy VII Remake and its sequel as timed exclusives, but they’ve only ever been released on PlayStation and PC platforms. This led to speculation that Sony inked a deal with Square Enix to keep them on PlayStation systems.

Fans who want Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth ports on the Xbox Series X/S and the Nintendo Switch’s successor will be waiting a long time, as Cloud Strife’s new adventures will be restricted to the PlayStation platform for consoles.

Sephiroth and Cloud in FF7 Rebirth demo

FF7 Remake trilogy are all PlayStation console exclusives

It is now confirmed that all three entries in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy will be PlayStation exclusive. This comes from Christian Svensson, vice president of second and third-party content ventures and strategic initiatives at Sony Interactive Entertainment, via the Washington Post.

“Securing the ‘Final Fantasy VII’ trilogy as a console exclusive is a feather in the PlayStation cap. It’s part of recognizing the original game’s importance as a defining game for the PlayStation experience.”

Svensson’s comments seem to have put the speculation about Final Fantasy VII Remake games on Switch or Xbox to rest. Those who want to play Cloud Strife’s new journey will either need a PS5 or a decent enough PC to run it.

Whil this will be disappointing for players not on the PlayStation platform, it makes sense that Sony would want to secure these exclusives, considering Final Fantasy VII’s history with the original PlayStation.

At least fans on other platforms know not to hold their breath for the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. Sony was clearly willing to pay for a killer line-up of Square Enix exclusives, offering a huge incentive for RPG fans to pick up their consoles.

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