How to unlock Fractured Mode in Demon’s Souls remake

. 2 years ago
Bluepoint Games

One of the PS5’s biggest launch titles is a fabulous remake of a cult-classic. Amongst some new weapons and items, one of the biggest new additions to the game is the new Fractured Mode. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to unlock it in Demon’s Souls.

If there’s one thing that the Demon’s Souls remake absolutely needed, it was to make the game harder, right? Well, in addition to the punishing challenge that gamers will be able to experience, Bluepoint Games has added Fractured Mode to shake things up.

The brand new mode is intended for veterans of the series that know the game inside out. But it will also add a whole new perspective for newbies that have just had their first taste. This exclusive new mode will come at a price, and we’ll break down what you’ll need to do.

This is how to unlock Fractured Mode in Demon’s Souls.

Fractured Mode

nexus in demon's souls ps5
Bluepoint Games
Will you seek a greater challenge, Slayer of Demons?

So you’ve tussled with the main game, destroyed some Demons, and now you feel untouchable. Your legacy is irrefutable. Non-negotiable. Well, maybe Fractured Mode will seek to change that. Demon’s Souls’ fresh update will have its gorgeous map completely inverted – enemies and all.

The world around you is completely mirrored, especially for long-time fans, and can throw you off with its now opposite enemy placements. Muscle memory is a great thing, until the thing you know off-by-heart is thrown for a loop.

How to unlock Fractured Mode

SLayer in demon's souls ps5
Bluepoint Games
You’ll need to be resurrected time and time again.

For anyone wanting to try out this flipped universe, the good news is that you won’t have to jump through hoops to get it.

These are the instructions.

  1. Go to the Nexus
  2. Find the statue that you spawn in at
  3. Make an offering of 25,000 souls to the statue
  4. Enjoy, or not, Fractured Mode

Now, you can try and relearn everything that you thought you knew about the Demon’s Souls world.

Hopefully, our guide was a big help to you. Simple steps showing you how to unlock Fractured Mode in DS. But the big question is, will you want to?

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