How to Get Through the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG

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Navigating the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch isn’t just a walk in the park; it’s a puzzle that intertwines strategy, memory, and a keen sense of direction. Our guide explains the nitty gritty of this perplexing puzzle from the Super Mario RPG remake. 

The Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG is known for its winding paths and hidden treasures, is a critical stage in the game, offering a blend of challenge and intrigue. The game’s remake has maintained the essence of this iconic level while adding fresh elements and surprises.

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For veterans and newcomers alike, the Forest Maze presents an enthralling experience, showcasing the game‘s rich design and intricate level structure. Whether you’re chasing after the enigmatic Geno or hunting for hidden treasures, this forest is a proving ground for your gaming skills. 

How to Navigate the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG

The Initial Journey into the Maze

The Forest Maze in the Super Mario RPG remake starts off deceptively simple. Players enter a more linear section, moving deeper into the forest via a stump acting like a green pipe, leading to a cave system. The complexity escalates once you reach the other side, where you’ll encounter new enemies and arrows raining from the sky.

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Finding the Correct Path

In the clearing filled with tree stumps, each leading to different caves, the key is to head to the stump at the far northwestern corner. Waking a sleeping Wiggler in the cave beneath propels players back to the surface, revealing a new path forward.

Following Geno’s Trail

The actual ‘maze’ portion kicks in here. Players must track Geno through the forest, choosing paths from four possible directions at each junction. The correct sequence to end the maze is RIGHT, UP, UP, RIGHT, UP, LEFT. If you lose sight of Geno, rely on this sequence to guide you.

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The Hidden Treasure Path

Besides chasing Geno, there’s a hidden treasure path informed by an NPC in Rose Town. From the maze’s start, the path is LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, leading to a stump with treasures.

Confronting Bowyer

After successfully navigating the maze, players must save their progress and then face Bowyer, one of the game’s early bosses. With 720 HP, Bowyer employs arrows to damage and disrupt players’ button controls. The fight introduces the Triple Move mechanic, a powerful combined attack by Mario, Mallow, and Geno, crucial for defeating Bowyer and earning the second Star Piece.

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Navigating the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG is a delightful blend of puzzle-solving, combat strategy, and exploration. Whether you’re meticulously following Geno or seeking hidden riches, the Forest Maze offers an engaging challenge that is integral to the Super Mario RPG experience.

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