Reliable insider leaks GTA 6 release date

Rockstar Games

A well-known movie insider who has leaked plots and film news in the past is now claiming to reveal the long-awaited release date for Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 6.

While Rockstar has yet to officially announce GTA 6, but that hasn’t stopped numerous leaks from emerging throughout the years in the build-up to the extremely anticipated title.

With things such as the game’s plot, setting, time period, and location often debated amongst fans, the one thing they can all agree on is wanting the game to come out soon.

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Now, an established leaker has revealed when Rockstar may finally be releasing GTA 6 and fans may not like what they’re going to hear.

GTA Online characters sat around a poolRockstar Games
Fans have bee eager for GTA 6 news.

According to insider ViewerAnon, in 2020, Rockstar internally planned for GTA 6 to release in late 2023.

The news came in response to a report suggesting that gamers suspected GTA 6 would be releasing “soon” because Rockstar is hiring testers for new games.

“Define ‘soon.’ Companies test games for *years*,” ViewerAnon added before revealing the planned release date.

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In the past, ViewerAnon has revealed information pertaining to big blockbuster films including Godzilla vs Kong, Star Wars, Justice League and Spider-Man. Needless to say, movies are definitely his wheelhouse when it comes to leaks.

However, given the size and scope of GTA 6 and just how monumental a game it will surely be, it doesn’t seem out of the question that a movie insider would have some knowledge of what’s happening on the inside.

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Unfortunately, because ViewerAnon claims this was Rockstar’s plan back last year, it begs the question: has that release been delayed? With the global health crisis, it’s likely that a late 2023 release could easily have turned into 2024 or even beyond.

gta online characterRockstar Games
GTA 6 could be even farther away than fans thought.

Rockstar still has the next-gen “expanded and enhanced” port of GTA V planned to release this year, so it will be interesting to see if there are any clues in that game that point us towards Grand Theft Auto 6.

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In the meantime, this is just another blow to GTA fans expecting 6 to release in the near future.

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