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GTA 6 setting hinted at in Rockstar Games job posting

Published: 12/Apr/2021 19:42

by Michael Gwilliam


As speculation surrounding Grand Theft Auto 6 continues to grow, a new job posting by Rockstar Games could provide a major clue in determining the setting of the next title.

Despite not being officially announced, GTA 6 is already one of the most anticipated games of all time, especially given the success of GTA 5 and the resurgence of GTA Online on Twitch.

While there have been numerous rumors about the next entry, the one that has seen the most exposure is the Project Americas leak.

The leak, which first emerged back in 2018, claimed that GTA 6 would be taking place in Vice City and South America with the protagonist having ties to the Cartel.


GTA Vice City GTA 6
Rockstar Games
Fans are anxiously awaiting Rockstar to announce GTA 6.

Many Project Americas rumors also include references to the 1980s, suggesting that GTA 6 will see the franchise return to the past for its next entry.

Now, however, fans are theorizing that a new job posting hints that GTA 6 will have a modern setting after all.

The Rockstar India job posting for a “mixed media animator” includes some details that seem to suggest that the game will be closer to today’s timeline than originally thought.

In the ‘What We Do’ section of the listing, Rockstar explained that the team “[creates] content for In-game media for our game world to make immersive experiences,” “work as a global animation team to provide believable experience to players,” and “work on multiple platforms to create multiple style of content for In-game Media.”


Fans believe in-game media refers to websites found within the game world such as Life Invader, GTA’s numerous TV shows and other content to flesh out the world.

If GTA 6 was in the 80s, it seems unlikely that websites would play a part of in-game media. Of course, this doesn’t mean Grand Theft Auto 6 could do fully modern either.

GTA job posting
Rockstar Games
Does this in-game media job listing rule out the 1980s for GTA 6?

It’s fully possible that this could mean the setting would be the 90s or even 2000s. That is, if this job listing is really for GTA 6 like some fans believe.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt until Rockstar makes an official announcement, but the fact that fans are checking out job listings for clues is a big indication that this game’s hype is reaching unrivaled levels.