xQc defends himself after viewers claim he’ll be banned from GTA RP again

xQc next to GTA V cop imageTwitch: xQcOW / Rockstar

Twitch superstar Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has defended himself after killing a cop in Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay, with many fans believing the conduct could lead to another ban from the NoPixel server.

xQc has been streaming GTA RP a lot with the release of NoPixel 3.0, but has had a fraught relationship with NoPixel, and has even been banned from the server four times. Bans can be imposed for a number of reasons but, in xQc’s case, have mostly been because of his consistent rule-breaking.

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Returning to the servers after his latest ban, it didn’t take long at all for there to be yet another controversial situation crop up.

GTA RP CopsRockstar Games
Cops in GTA RP have been at the center of xQc’s controversies, and are yet again.

His fourth ban, on April 18, was supposed to be 30 days in length but was reduced by NoPixel. He was therefore able to hop back onto the servers on May 1, and quickly killed a police officer – the kind of conduct that has seen him banned in the past.

After he was arrested and $7,000 was confiscated from him, he confronted the police office (in-game) who was responsible for it. After a short encounter, he opened fire on the policeman.

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Some viewers immediately thought it could risk another ban, but it probably won’t, as it could be justified as reasonably role-play, within expectations.

xQc also said that chat telling him what to do contributed to his decision.

“I think chat’s ‘don’t do this, play the game how I want you to play’… it’s just like f**k off,” he said, explaining why he killed the cop. “You’ll probably get banned, oh for killing a cop? After RPing him for 10 minutes? That’s bannable for sure, I’m done, it’s over.”

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His first comments were tinged with sarcasm, but he elaborated in a second clip: “I gave him [the cop] a chance to talk about it and we achieved absolutely no middle ground. He could see my anger… he could’ve de-escalated on purpose.”

Whether there’s another ban in the offing for xQc isn’t clear at the time of writing, but he clearly believes his in-game behavior was justified. Only time will tell if NoPixel see it the same way.

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What is GTA RP?

Rockstar’s GTA V has been held up as one of the best games of all time since its original 2013 release. It’s unrivalled longevity has been helped by the modding community, and the phenomenon of GTA RP.

In 2021, nearly eight years on from its original release, GTA roleplay still amasses hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch and other platforms. The multiplayer mod mode sees players take on specific roles within Los Santos on private servers, the biggest of which is NoPixel.

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