New GTA 6 teaser possibly discovered in GTA Online heist trailer

GTA 6 teaser discoveredRockstar Games

GTA 6 fans have discovered a possible teaser for the upcoming game hidden in a GTA Online trailer.

Rockstar Games shocked the internet earlier this year by announcing that GTA 6 was in development, ending years of debate amongst fans about whether or not they’d begun work on the latest title.

While development has seemingly been underway for some time, prior to the official announcement, there was a teaser potentially hidden within a GTA Online heist trailer from 2020.

Despite nothing coming from the tease back then, it seems like there were some major additional hints that were overlooked when it was first found.

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GTA 6 teaser from 2020 discovered

As Dexerto previously reported, when Rockstar unveiled the Cayo Perico heist, there was security camera footage that contained the coordinates “38.527A N; 79.6129A W.”

When fans did some digging by searching the coordinates on Google Maps, they found a winding road that, inquire a coincidence, took the shape of a VI.

Nothing more came of the discovery back then, but on March 18, a user by the name of Kirsty on GTA Forums revealed they looked further into the trails.

“Remember the VI-shaped road found with coordinates from the Cayo teaser? We were talking about it on Discord, so I googled it again. It’s all part of a big network of trails, and all trails usually have local names,” they explained. “Anyway, notice anything particular about the name of a route that goes through the very same road?”

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As it turns out, one of the trails is called “Rock Star,” which just makes the coordinates all the more mesmerizing.

Some users have suggested checking out the location in real life to see if there’s anything there, but so far it doesn’t seem like anyone has made the venture out.

Of course, it’s also possible this is all just one big coincidence, but given Rockstar’s history of elaborate Easter Eggs, this could very well have been the first-ever GTA 6 tease.