Netflix reportedly in talks to add a GTA game to the platform

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gta Netflix game

Netflix reportedly wants to bring a GTA game to the platform, as the streaming giant continues to expand its gaming business.

In recent years, Netflix has committed to pursuing an in within the gaming industry. Late 2021, for example, saw the company acquire Oxenfree developer Night School Studios.

Mobile games have joined the streaming platform as well, ranging from puzzle titles like Mojang to homegrown ventures such as Love is Blind: Netflix Stories. Netflix users can even play the likes of Oxenfree and Twelve Minutes.

Now there’s reason to believe the streaming giant has its sights set on heavier hitters.

Netflix allegedly has its eyes on adding GTA game to platform

In a report about Netflix’s ongoing gaming push, The Wall Street Journal (paywalled) claims people familiar with the matter mentioned that the platform “will continue to license the well-known games” currently occupying its selection.

The pursuit for licensed titles won’t stop with Classic Solitaire, though. Allegedly, Netflix is interested in striking a deal with publisher Take-Two Interactive to launch a game set within the Grand Theft Auto universe.

The WSJ report makes no further mention of this hopeful deal or what it could involve. There’s also nothing concrete to suggest that Netflix has spoken with Take-Two about its ambitions.

However, this would be far from the first time that GTA has dabbled in the mobile space. The likes of Chinatown Wars would likely be right at home in the Netflix catalog.

gta Netflix game

The article goes on to note that, unsurprisingly, Netflix’s interactive business isn’t generating revenue. Such an endeavor is, thus, geared towards giving users more reasons to return, since games can be downloaded at no additional cost.

And more people are diving in, evident in impressive year-on-year increases. According to WSJ, Netflix games were downloaded more than 30 million times as of September 2022. By 2023, that figure had ballooned to 70.5 million downloads.

Suffice it to say, a GTA game on Netflix would likely serve as another boon for the growing vertical.

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