GTA Trevor actor lashes out at fan over GTA 6 Cameo request

An image of trevor in gta 5Rockstar Games

Steven Ogg, the actor behind GTA 5’s Trevor has lashed out at a fan who requested for him to record a message to warn the GTA 6 protagonists about the dangers of Vice City.

Loved by fans for his crazy, psychotic and unhinged character, Trevor Phillips could be considered to be one of the best protagonists in gaming history.

Actor Steven Ogg played an unforgettable role as the character in Grand Theft Auto 5, and even returned to play Trevor in additional GTA Online content.

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However, a GTA fan has shared an unpleasant experience with the actor, where they received an “annoyed” and “berating” video from Ogg after paying for a Cameo video.

GTA 5 trevorRockstar Games
Trevor Phillips is one of the main protagonists in GTA 5

YouTube creator Hugo One posted a video on October 5, in which he used Cameo to contact the actor to try and create a connection between GTA 5 and GTA 6. However, the response wasn’t exactly what he was expecting.

Revealing that he’s already used his services for another Grand Theft Auto request in the past, the YouTuber requested for Ogg to be in character as Trevor, and tell the rumored GTA 6 protagonists Jason and Lucia to be careful in Vice City.

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The YouTuber also requested to warn the protagonists to watch out for the cops in Port Gellhorn, a leaked district in the city, and tell them that he’ll [Trevor] will maybe see them out there, as well as noting”feel free to be crazy.”

After setting the creator back $140, Ogg sent the video, which the YouTuber described as annoyed and berating. “He wanted me to give you this message from Trevor, which, of course, I’m not Trevor. My name is Steven. And I am an actor.

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“So, I get it, in a sense, and I don’t get it in a big sense too, you know what I’m saying with that? Because, as actors, you portray different characters and it would be literally impossible for me to be a cartoon,” he said. “I mean literally impossible for me to be a cartoon, I can’t be.”

“I need to get that off my chest. I just sometimes don’t f**king understand. I get it and I don’t get it, right.”

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Steven continued on, finally getting to the message that was requested. “Hugo wanted to make sure that you both, both of yous are careful in Vice City,” he said, before going off script.

“Vice City, I don’t know what that is. I think it’s maybe part of the GTA thing? But anyway it’s dangerous out there. Watch out for the cops in Port Gellhorn – I don’t understand that reference. And I’ll see you out there because I’m a cartoon, right?”

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Sharing it with his followers, Hugo One explained how he felt as if the actor came off as “quite the d**k” and must’ve taken the request as some kind of insult to him as an actor.

Nonetheless, the video has since garnered the attention of the Grand Theft Auto community, who’ve shown a wave of support for the YouTuber.

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