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GTA Online update adds terrible teleporting glitch affecting entire lobbies

Published: 14/Oct/2021 18:19

by Alec Mullins


There is chaos in Los Santos after the latest GTA Online update introduced a new teleporting glitch causing players to be whisked across the city regardless of what they were doing before. 

If you’re aiming to hit the streets in the next few days, then you should be warned that things are going to get hectic. After a recent update, entire lobbies are being teleported to the same place – typically a random safe house – and most of the player base has taken to fighting their way out of the situation.

This strange new glitch was discovered in the early hours of October 14 and has made even the most routine objectives incredibly unpredictable.


While there isn’t one simple trigger for the event, we do know a little bit about what is causing it.

GTA Online teleporting glitch

GTA Online character with a shotgun outside a bank
Rockstar Games
Pretty much every event are being disrupted by a new kind of glitch in GTA Online.

It seems that this bug is occurring when players attempt to start a new event – like initiating a weapon sale or beginning a mission of any kind. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much of a way to stop this from happening. The only thing you can do is be prepared when it happens to you.

Instead of taking you through to the next step in whatever you were meant to be doing, the lobby dumps you and a seemingly random group into the streets and offers no solution on how to get out alive.


While the cause for the bug still isn’t clear, its in-game effect has been massive. You can see the moment of confusion among players as they scramble to understand where they are and who is with them.

This level of disruption is going to make it hard to get things done until Rockstar ships out a fix. So if you’re going to be playing at all, then make sure you’re ready for a fight.