GTA Online PC players warned of new crash & kick exploits

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New crash and kick exploits are plaguing GTA Online players on PC, following the recent release of a weekly update.

Rockstar Games typically deploys weekly updates for Grand Theft Auto Online every Thursday. With the latest of such releases, users can ring in the new year with the Western Powersurge motorcycle.

The final update of 2022 also gives GTA Online players access to free gifts, specifically a bundle that includes three pairs of New Year glasses, a firework launcher, a Yellow Holly beer hat, and much more.

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Unfortunately, the update additionally introduced exploits on PC that could cause a fair few problems for unaware players.

Crash and kick exploits hit GTA Online’s PC version

Industry insider and Twitter user Tez2 has issued a PSA to all Grand Theft Auto Online PC players. Apparently, there are “new remote ‘crash’ and ‘kick’ exploits out in the wild.”

Cheaters can crash another user’s GTA Online game in single-player or lobbies, though they don’t have to actually appear in the same session as their targets.

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According to Tez2, the best course of action for those looking to avoid such issues is to employ a firewall to block all unknown connections.

The Twitter user later informed one player that relying on VPNs will not help in this regard. Firewalls seem the best bet, with Tez2 specifically recommending Speyedr from GitLab as a good choice.

In subsequent responses, the insider added that the latest PC exploits in GTA Online break from the norm in that “there’s no need for [the cheater and the target] to be in the same session.”

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How long this particular problem will continue to plague the experience is anyone’s guess.

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