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GTA Online Nightclub owner reveals insane amount of money it can make

Published: 25/Mar/2022 16:27

by Andrew Highton


Effective money-making methods are always enticing and desirable propositions in GTA Online, and one player has shown off how underrated Nightclubs are for this.

Even before the newest launch of GTA 5 on next-gen, GTA Online always had a thriving community that continued to engage with each other and blow each other up. To gain access to the game’s fastest vehicles and deadliest weapons, you need to have some serious resources tucked away in the bank.

There are plenty of ways to make cash fast, but one way that is often overlooked in favor of the Cayo Perico Heist is Nightclubs.


These bouncing, energetic venues house some thumping nights of expensive drinking and raucous behavior, but a GTA Online player showed how lucrative they can be too.

gta online player dancing in nightclub

GTA Redditor HolidayFlashy revealed to the GTA Online community that they had crossed a ridiculous milestone with regards to the game’s Nightclub business.

In a post titled “I hit $100,000,000 in Nightclub earnings,” they showed precisely just that. Their picture contained a full graphic of their Nightclub earnings, with the revenue spread across nearly $12 million in pure Nightclub earnings, and a further $89 million in warehouse earnings.

This equated to a grand total of $100,439,611 million and showed that with the right hard work and dedication you can make yourself a mansion full of money in GTA Online.


The comments were all glowing commendations of the player’s mettle to succeed in the business aspect of GTA Online. “The amount of time…respect,” said one impressed user, whereas another couple of players found it astonishing how much of the total income came from Nightclub earnings.

“For me, the surprising bit is 11m from the actual nightclub. Shows some effort and dedication there” and “That’s what I thought. I hit 100m from the nightclub recently and only 1 million was from nightclub earnings haha,” said two users who were clearly impressed.

Anyone who plays GTA Online and tries to accumulate as much money as possible will know the grind required to do this method, but it does show that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.