GTA Online fan discovers incredible Franklin easter egg in The Contract update

Alec Mullins
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The GTA Online community is buzzing after discovering an incredible easter egg about Franklin Clinton’s rise to power inside of the game’s newest update The Contract. 

Anyone who has played GTA V knows the trials and tribulation that Franklin — one of the game’s three main characters —faced on his way up the top of the Los Santos hierarchy.

From joining a gang at a young age to being viciously double-crossed in his adult life, there were plenty of struggles that held the fan-favorite character back during his ascension. That’s why a tiny detail from his previous life means so much to the people in the know.

GTA Online fan discovers incredible easter egg in The Contract

The Agency is a new group in GTA Online headed up by Franklin from GTA 5’s storymode.

The easter egg is centered around a small detail in Franklin’s office at The Agency. A close look at the poster on his wall reveals that the text reads “You Own Los Santos.”

Franklin’s status as a major player in the city is well established by the time The Contract takes place, but fans with keen eyes and big brains may recognize the poster from the CEO’s old bedroom, where a different version hung near his bed.

The text originally read “Los Santos Owns You” but has clearly been torn and rearranged sometime before being installed in the office.

This small attention-to-detail moment has had a ripple effect amongst the community.

One user shared that little details are what keep veteran fans hooked: “For a game that gets written off for chaos and silliness, Rockstar never fails to sneak in a little extra emotional impact and nostalgia huh? That’s why I keep coming back every time.”

This might be a minor detail, but it means a lot to a good portion of the playerbase, and it adds another entry to the list of reasons fans have called The Contract the best GTA Online update yet.

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