GTA Online Aug 2 update patch notes: New podium vehicles, prize rides & bug fixes

Alan Bernal
gta online patch

A new GTA Online update for August 2 introduced a fresh batch of Podium vehicles, along with a few key bug fixes. Here’s the complete GTA Online patch notes.

Rockstar Games are rolling on its summer of content for its GTA sandbox after the successful launch of The Criminal Enterprises update on July 26. The patch brought a host of changes to Los Santos, with more content promised to come down the line.

GTA players can now expect more cars, tune-ups to certain modes, and fixes that should clean up some rough edges.

The GTA Online Aug 2 patch adds even more cars so soon after the Criminal Enterprises patch.

New GTA Online Podium vehicles

There’s a host of cars coming to GTA Online and motorheads will have their hands full getting these into their garage.

A total 11 new cars are coming to either the podium or as prize rides, including the Vagrant, Flash GT, and many others.

GTA Online patch bug fixes

Along with the new wheels, Rockstar has also introduced a bunch of patches for bugs found in Organizations, game modes, and more.

For starters, bugs affecting Arena god and Car Merge have been addressed, while a bizarre seating animation that players found has seemingly been fixed.

Rockstar are bound to monitor the stability of the latest patch as GTA Online players download and test out the latest changes.

The devs released the GTA Online Aug 2 patch as a simple background update, so look down below for the full list of changes (H/T Tez2).

GTA Online Aug 2 patch notes

  • Patched Arena god mode & Car Merge glitches
  • Patches delivering Customer Bikes with passive mode on
  • Fixes a juggernaut spawn bug during “ULP – Cleanup” mission
  • Fixes a bug with Organization/MC Name
  • Fixes a bug to do with a seating animation

New Podium vehicles

  • Cypher
  • Rapid GT Classic
  • Paragon R
  • Tempesta
  • Cyclone

New Prize Rides

  • Swinger
  • Retinue
  • Club
  • Osiris
  • Vagrant
  • Flash GT