GTA Online Aug 16 update patch notes: Buried Stashes fix, 4 dupe glitches patched

Laura Gray
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GTA Online has released a background update on August 16, addressing several in-game glitches. While Rockstar has not officially released any patch notes, the details have surfaced online.

Updates have already been released for GTA Online during August, including a secret refresh on August 11 addressing content from the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

While many of these patches are beneficial and create a better gameplay experience, other repairs nerf exploits players use to progress in the game.

Below, we have a list of all the changes that have been found in the update, and how glitch fixes may impact the game for certain players.

GTA Online Aug 16 background update: patch notes

According to GTA Online info watcher TezFunz2 on Twitter, the majority of the silent update focuses on four big exploits, including a semi god-mode glitch and a solo gold glitch for the Cayo Perico Heist.

Below are all notable changes made in the update:

  • An issue with Buried Stashes not updating daily on PC version Patched
  • Semi God Mode glitch involving Body Armor
  • Another Solo Gold glitch for Cayo Perico Heist
  • Auto Shop dupe glitch
  • MOC dupe glitch

The solo gold glitch repair is particularly funny to see in another round of patches, as the first glitch was supposed to have been addressed already in the August 11 patch. This break allows players to go through the floor into the basement without any work beyond setting up the glitch. Seeing a second rendition in the unofficial patch notes indicates players are still trying to find workarounds.

Auto Shop dupe and MOC dupe glitches were also addressed in the update. Auto Shop Dupe glitches have been common in GTA Online, and allow players to duplicate existing vehicles. While this may be beneficial for the player, it is technically a break in the game, and it is good to see Rockstar repairing the problems.

One of the most notable and beneficial fixes in the patch remedies an issue with PC version Buried Stashes not updating. While there aren’t any details in Tez2’s post, it is likely the Buried Stashes should work as intended for PC players from this point forward.

Hopefully the changes made in the silent update will keep GTA Online gameplay running smoothly, even if a few exploits are no longer accessible.