GTA 6 fans demand rework for Rockstar Editor in new game

Brianna Reeves
rockstar editor gta 6

Players eagerly awaiting GTA 6 shared a list of changes they hope Rockstar Games will add to the Rockstar Editor that debuted in GTA 5.

The Rockstar Editor became available to Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC audience in 2015. Rockstar later launched the editor for PS4 and Xbox One, as well. And though it’s exclusive to the story mode, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players similarly have access to the editing tools.

This particular feature provides players with the tools to record, edit, and share in-game videos from the story campaign and GTA Online.

As with most user-generated features, however, the Rockstar Editor boasts a few lingering issues that players hope developers will eventually address.

Fan creates wishlist for the hopeful Rockstar Editor in GTA 6

Theseus666 has taken to Reddit to outline a list of changes they’d like Rockstar to implement in the Rockstar Editor for Grand Theft Auto’s next major outing.

One request involves the ability to store all created clips on the user’s console or an external hard drive. The hope is that such a rework would allow for longer recordings without worrying about storage space.

Other features like advanced color grading and 4K rendering also received mention. The Reddit user additionally submitted the idea of allowing players to share their film projects through in-game cinemas that NPCs and fellow players can visit.

Theseus666’s full wishlist reads as follows:

Of course, a few of the Redditor’s wants seem a little farfetched, particularly the “larger circle of capture” and cinema ideas.

But the likes of 4K rendering capabilities will hopefully constitute a must-have addition if GTA 6 does launch with a Rockstar Editor in two.

For now, though, details about the GTA’s next mainline adventure remain scarce at best. Rockstar just this year confirmed that development on the new title is “well underway.”

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