Former jewelry thief explains what GTA V’s heists got right and wrong

Rockstar Games

Former jewel thief and youth crime prevention advocate Larry Lawton reviewed Grand Theft Auto V’s heist missions, and explained what the developers got right and wrong about them.

Rockstar originally released Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox  360 in 2013, and the iconic action-adventure has gone on to become one of the highest grossing games of all time.

However, a former jewelry thief reviewed the title’s popular heist missions, and explained how Michael and Franklin would have been busted before they even made it out the door.

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Former thief explains what GTA V got wrong

The former thief opened up the video stating the review was just to give viewers a real-world take on things. “I understand it’s a game, but I am to this day considered the biggest jewel robber in the United States,” he said. “And I’m gonna tell you how I would have done it. And what the game did a little off.”

Lawton explained that Michael casing inside the store was sloppy. “As he’s casing this place, he’s taking pictures. Very conspicuous. You don’t think they would be looking at him? Any real criminal would have been pinned out in a minute.”

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He also called it a “big mistake” when the protagonist talked to the employee at the jewelry counter and only focused on the display case. “He doesn’t even ask if there is loose diamonds. That’s where the money is in. Not the stuff in the display case!”

Rockstar Games
GTA V introduced heist missions in the popular 2013 release.

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Another issue the expert took with the game is how they cased the roof of the building. “You could find all this information literally in the city ordinance, or the city codes. And he doesn’t  have any gloves on. He runs up this ladder and his fingerprints the whole way up!”

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However, he did praise the game for having a plan to get out. “The first thing you got to know is where the stones are, can you get out of that store, and what you get away with, which they have planned which I liked.”

“It’s a pretty good game. Lots of fun. I think they could have made the game better, more realistic,” he stated, but explained that the Rockstar game failed when it came to the actual casing section, and the planning stages of the robbery. The 41 minute review goes into greater depth as well as he tackles both heist plans.

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(Timestamp 1:10 for mobile users.)

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Despite having issues with the technical aspects of the game, Lawton seemed to enjoy his time with Grand Theft Auto 5, and even stated it brought back memories for him.

The game continues to be a sales juggernaut, with its longevity largely fueled by GTA Online, and it’s considered to be one of the highest grossing titles of all time.

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