Rockstar finally resolve GTA Online bug wiping owned properties

GTA Online log in glitch removes all owned propertiesRockstar Games

Rockstar Games have finally resolved a log-in issue that was completely wiping all owned properties from GTA Online accounts. 

The terrible bug was discovered on April 15. While some members of the community were exploiting a glitch that allowed multiple log-in bonuses of $500,000 a piece – racking up the cash – others were having their purchases reset.

Those impacted by the bug will be delighted to know that the game’s developers have put things right and fixed the problem, though, meaning that nobody has to be scared of playing the game anymore.

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Buying properties in GTA Online can be expensive and losing them all would be devastating.

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Using their official Rockstar Support Twitter account, they revealed on April 16 that the issue has been put to bed – rolling out a hotfix.

They said: “The issue resulting in GTA Online for PC vehicles, weapons and properties not displaying in character inventories is now resolved. Please restart your game and sign in again for these items to display correctly.”

Thankfully, things won’t be going missing any longer.


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The game developer’s have been keeping the game updated regularly during the global health crisis, giving players different things to occupy themselves with when stuck at home, with weekly updates. The log-in bonus was only announced on April 13.

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However, many of them were dealt a devastating blow just a day later, after discovering their apartments and houses were no longer accessible after logging in.

That said, the things that were lost should now have been restored, with a quick restart.

The bug was first shared to the GTA Online subreddit, on April 15.

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Posting to Reddit, a user said: “Just lost everything, except my money and levels. All of my properties and things.” Another commented: “All my stuff is gone. Everything. 6,000 hours of grinding.”

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One other user said: “I’m on PC Rockstar launcher and lost everything, but have enough money to rebuy everything I lost, but cannot rebuy anything I lost because the “game catalog” needs to be refreshed, leading me to believe my character will reset back to normal eventually.”

Some players claimed that they were afraid to log into GTA Online with the bug taking their things, although with everything now fixed up, normal play has been resumed.

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