GTA Online: How to recover blown up Special Cargo, CEO Crates & Stocks

David Purcell
GTA Online crate in-game

Seeing that your cargo drop has been blown up or destroyed before you had the chance to claim it can be very annoying in Grand Theft Auto V, but there’s one way players can actually get them back. 

These special cargo drops, CEO crates, and stock packages can be destroyed quite easily by other online players, who simply have to track them down on the map.

[jwplayer Gd3gIdIX]However, in doing that, those who stand to lose the most are those trying to reap the rewards of getting one delivered safely. Thankfully for those people, one player has discovered a way to make the problem a thing of the past.

How to get back destroyed Special Cargo, CEO crates, and stocks

Cargo in GTA Online
Taking your CEO crate, Special Cargo, or general stock from A to B can be difficult in GTA Online. This trick, however, gives you a safety net.

To put things in perspective, each Special Cargo drop can sell for up to $150,000 in-game, so seeing that burn away can be a nightmare.

YouTuber Bipolar Gamers, who has just over 3,000 subscribers on their channel, has released a video that shows how to get back the valuables that have been blown up.

Below we’ve put together the main points from his video, with a step-by-step guide.

  1. Drive around with your CEO stock (or other cargo) until another online player comes on the attack.
  2. Wait until they have blown up the vehicle carrying the load.
  3. From there, you need to close your game application or disconnect internet connection immediately.
  4. You will then respawn in single-player mode. Reconnect internet or load up the app to restart.
  5. Head back into GTA Online and your cargo drop should still be active, ready for another attempt to cash in on it.

The informative video can be seen below, but it’s unknown at this time whether this is something that will be patched by Rockstar Games in the future.

During the clip, the YouTuber says: “I’m not sure if you would label this as a glitch, or an exploit, but basically what this allows you to do is keep your CEO, or special cargo, stock, all that good stuff even after it’s been blown up.”

GTA Online: How much do Special Cargo, CEO crates, and stock sell for?

If you’re wondering about the potentially lost returns on your work, should your cargo get blown up, we’ve included all values below for you.

  • Special Cargo drop: Up to $150,000
  • CEO Crates: Prices increase per amount delivered, from $10,000 (for one) to $$1,950,000 (for 100).
  • Stock: Again, it depends on the amount. Without upgrades, $125,000 for 25 in Blaine County. For 100, without upgrades, it could be around $500,000.

So, there you have it! That’s how you can move from one place to another with your valuable cargo without fearing the worst, even after being blown up.

It’s a safety net for now, but there’s no way of predicting if this will be removed in the future. So, give it a try and hopefully it saves you plenty of time – usually spent getting these drops in the first place.

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