Bryson Tiller adds to GTA 6 speculation following 50 Cent’s Vice City post

Brianna Reeves
gta 6 Bryson Tiller

An Instagram story from singer and rapper Bryson Tiller sparked more GTA 6 speculation after 50 Cent’s cryptic Vice City tease.

Grand Theft Auto 6-related rumors have swarmed for the last few years, and 50 Cent recently added to the chorus of speculation with a Vice City post on social media.

50 published the post in question on Twitter, with a Vice City logo accompanied by a caption that read in part, “I will explain this later…” The tweet additionally featured hashtags shouting out his partnership with Branson Cognac, which raised even more questions.

And as the questions continue to pile up, another famous musical artist has added another wrinkle to the never-ending GTA 6 rumor mill.

Is Bryson Tiller teasing his involvement with GTA 6?

Not long after 50 Cent’s tweet raised eyebrows, Bryson Tiller shared an Instagram story that showed an interesting poster.

The poster depicts the words “bta IV” styled like a GTA logo adorned across a yellow background. In the bottom right corner of the image sits the ESRB’s “M”-rated icon. Of course, fans in a GTA6 subreddit have already started playing the guessing game.

One Redditor said 50 Cent and Bryson Tiller are probably “f—ing with us.” Others pointed out that the Tiller post, in particular, could simply hint at his fourth studio album.

The latter seems the most likely in terms of Tiller’s Instagram story. 50’s been known to troll with abandon, so his cryptic tweet could mean any number of things.

Either way, it’s worth noting that reports and leaks indicate GTA 6 may revisit the Vice City setting. If the recent teases do point to 50 Cent and Bryson Tiller’s involvement in GTA 6, it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn of their appearance on the soundtrack or as in-game characters of some kind.