Anita Ward responds to GTA 6 trailer 2 rumors after VI logo appears on her Spotify

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American singer Anita Ward has responded to speculation that her 1979 hit ‘Ring My Bell’ would appear in the next GTA 6 trailer or in the game as a radio track.

Rumors about the second GTA 6 trailer continue to circulate with artists beginning to hint at their involvement in the long-awaited next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Although Rockstar Games has yet to officially confirm a date for the next trailer, speculation intensified this month when the GTA 6 logo suddenly appeared on Anita Ward’s Spotify page.

Furthermore, ‘Ring My Bell’ also had its image changed to the GTA VI logo, only fueling the rumors, but the singer has since responded with some bad news for fans.

Anita Ward shuts down GTA 6 trailer theories

In a post on Spotify, Ward’s account finally addressed the speculation about GTA 6, stating that ‘Ring My Bell’ won’t be featured in the second trailer or on a radio station after all.

“All rumors and predictions about the song are unfounded. This is the only official and correct explanation,” the account said.

So, why did the GTA 6 logo suddenly appear on her Spotify page? Well, according to the singer, these changes happened “outside of our knowledge” and the singer’s team is trying to get to the bottom of it.

That said, the account didn’t rule out a possible collab between Ward and Rockstar Games, stating that while there may not be an official agreement just yet, that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future.

Unfortunately, this news is a major blow for anyone expecting another so soon after the first GTA 6 trailer’s record-shattering debut.

This news comes just days after hip-hop icon ScHoolboy Q appeared to reveal that he would be appearing in GTA 6 as the game’s first confirmed radio artist ahead of its 2025 release window.

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