Genshin Impact players believe HoYoverse has “forgotten” this character

James Busby
Ganyu and Keqing in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players have highlighted a 4-star character that they believe HoYoverse has “forgotten” completely. 

Genshin Impact is absolutely brimming with characters and each major patch brings someone new and exciting to pull for. Not only do new regions bring exciting opportunities for players to delve into fresh content, but they also expand upon the game’s wider story. 

It’s during these times when HoYoverse sheds light on major characters, particularly new 5-star units who are integral to the plot. However, the Genshin Impact community believes the devs have completely “forgotten” a 4-star character. 

Genshin Impact players believe devs have “forgotten” Kujou Sara

“I’d love to see more of Kujou Sara. Albeit, I’m into the politics of Inazuma in general, including those of the Tri-commission including Kujou Kamaji, Shikanoin Heizou,” explained one player. “Hopefully there’ll be a character related to the Kanjou Commission at some point, or something bears fruit from the Fontaine-Inazuma Cultural Exchange to bring something more for Inazuma.”

Aside from not appearing in many story quests and widener events, many players believe Sara is also underrepresented when it comes to building team comps. “Sara suffers from having a single team and it requires her to be C6 for it to work,” replied one Traveler. 

“It is Ei who has other viable options that don’t require C6ing a particular 4-star. She shows up more than Candace who has no good teams but it is not exactly a good spot to be in.”

Raiden Shogun with Kujou Sara
Kujou Sara hasn’t appeared in any events or quests for a very long time.

Many Genshin players also pointed out that HoYoverse often only gives new characters a lot of screen time. It’s because of this, that characters like Sara are left in the dark. 

“Genshin…doesn’t seem to be keen on making sure every character gets some screen time,” commented one player. “They rather take the new character and shove them into the newest quests (to sell them of course), but they could have just as easily added Sara to Lantern Rite as a visitor.” 

The player notes how Honkai Star Rail has done a great job of keeping its entire cast of characters relevant, even if it’s just through the in-game texting feature. Units also appear in the overworld, which further adds to the visual representation aspect of the game – an area that many Genshin fans have wanted since its release. 

Whether Kujou Sara will appear in more events and quests in the future remains to be seen, but for now, the tengu remains in the shadows. 

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