Genshin Impact fans blown away by “god-tier” anime reveal

James Busby
Lumin from the Genshin Impact anime

The Genshin Impact anime is on the horizon and players have been keen to highlight their excitement and hopes for the upcoming series.

HoYoverse announced the long-awaited Genshin Impact anime during the game’s 3.1 livestream, which showcased a number of exciting content updates. However, it was the animation project reveal that stole the show. 

The series will be handled by legendary Japanese animation studio, Ufotable, who will bring the world of Teyavt to life like never before. Ufotable is known for creating some of the most popular anime series, with Demon Slayer and the Fate series being among the most popular. 

As a result, many Genshin Impact and anime fans alike are incredibly excited for the upcoming series. In fact, the community can barely contain their excitement, with many voicing their hopes for the show. 

Genshin Impact anime fan reaction

Genshin Impact anime
The Genshin Impact anime fan response has been very positive.

“One thing’s for sure and that is it will have god-tier animation. We really won,” explained one excited fan. “I think [HoYoverse] will deliver,” another commenter replied. “I trust it not to be a corporate ‘okay now go play the game’ advertisement type anime, because they don’t need to do that. I’m sure it’ll be passionate and detailed.” 

HoYoverse certainly isn’t a stranger to having high-quality production values for its work – in fact, Honkai Impact 3rd famously demonstrated that the devs have an interest in creating sleek animated shorts. 

These videos range from deadly fight scenes that showcase new Valkyries, while other videos provide some much-needed backstory to in-game events. Not only are these animated shorts fully voiced, but they also showcase just how passionate HoYoverse is when creating highly detailed animations for its games. 

Many Genshin Impact players were also hopeful that the Genshin Impact anime will be handled as well as other game-to-series projects. “Now we only hope that the Genshin anime will also have some of the magic that made Arcane such a fantastic show.” 

Meanwhile, other commenters were keen to joke about the realities of playing Genshin and how the gacha side of the game should also be shown. “If they want to make it TRULY accurate, the whole series will be the Traveler rooting through the trash for Primos like a starving raccoon, and blowing off everything else as unimportant.”

Whether the Genshin Impact anime will receive similar praise to other video game anime adaptations remains to be seen, but for now, fans are hoping both HoYoverse and Ufotable can deliver an incredible experience that lives up to the hype.

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