Wendy’s has switched on Night Mode

Wendys Livestream

It’s late. You’re craving a fresh, high-quality hamburger. Suddenly, you see the glowing smile of Wendy’s. Yes, Wendy’s has officially switched to Night Mode and everyone’s invited. 

Dexerto and Wendy’s paired up with influencers iiTzTimmy, LuLuLuvely, and Blau to celebrate the extension of Wendy’s hours – until midnight or later.

The Night Mode Care Package

Our lucky influencers received the ultimate care package from Wendy’s, which included merchandise and a deck of themed cards. These cards held gaming challenges, stream-exclusive giveaways, and Q&A prompts. These Night Mode challenges were carried out on fully-interactive livestreams.

And the fun didn’t stop there. Once a streamer finished one of the challenges, there was a ‘special surprise’ for both the streamer and the audience – meaning you’re all in it together!

Although these three streams have now ended, fans can still tune into the broadcasts via VODs on the streamers’ Twitch channels, which you can watch below:




Meet the Night Mode contenders


iiTzTimmy booted up Valorant to take on Wendy’s Night Mode challenges like a champ, such as hitting an enemy through a wall using a Sniper Rifle and getting three consecutive kills with Sniper without missing a shot.

With the power of Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets and a Frosty on his side, iiTzTimmy was able to give each and every challenge his best shot. While the streamer did take his fair share of punishments throughout the night, he was able to show off his crazy Valorant skills with Wendy’s help!


LuLuLuvely took to Apex Legends to take on Wendy’s challenge gauntlet, completing challenges ranging from winning a game without using any health consumables or win a game with 10 kills. The Apex titan started out the night strong, taking out players left and right all while enjoying a late-night Baconator.
While the night wasn’t all smooth sailing, with LuLu having to bust out some punishment push-ups and dunking her hands in ice-cold water, they were nothing the FPS expert couldn’t handle.


Blau also got loaded up Valorant to take Wendy’s Night Mode challenges head-on with help from some delicious late-night Wendy’s treats. Throughout the night, Blau was asked questions straight from Wendy’s Q&A cards so fans and viewers could get to know the streamer a bit better.

Blau was able to knock out his challenges and enjoy some goodies from Wendy’s throughout his stream.

So, grab yourself a Baconator from Wendy’s and check out the streams! The power is in your hands… with a burger in the other.

Hours may vary at participating U.S. Wendy’s ®

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