Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Legendaries: Quickest ways to get legendary weapons

different rarity loot in tiny tina's wonderlands2K Games

Legendary gear is the ultimate goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Orange guns and gear are amazing equipment with an obscene amount of add-on effects and other bonuses. We’ve compiled the best ways to go about obtaining them.

Whether you’re familiar with the classic Borderlands franchise or not, Gearbox’s looter shooter series has a serious reputation for providing players with billions and gazillions of guns. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands are packed full of all of this and more.

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The most attractive and desirable of all loot though are Legendaries, the game’s most tip-top elite loot that simply looks fabulous in your inventory. Players scramble to try and fill up every slot with a legendary weapon, shield, or even spell.

So without further ado, let’s review how you can get Wonderlands’ best legendary gear in the fastest ways possible.


butt stallion addressing city in tiny tina2K Games
Wonderlands’ weird and wacky world is even more fun with Legendary loot.

What is loot luck in Wonderlands?

Loot luck determines how nice the Wonderlands gods are to you in terms of the weapons and gear that chests and enemies will drop. Found a hidden Die? A sneaky gun chest hidden in an alcove?

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Opening up anything that will produce loot for you to pick up is all determined by an algorithm. In short, the higher your loot luck percentage, the more chance you have of the loot machine coughing up a legendary beast.

How to get Legendaries in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Whilst there is no guaranteed way to way to acquire a Legendary, there are things you can be doing to make the algorithm happier and decrease the odds stacked against you.

Here are the fastest ways to do so.

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Chaos Level & Myth Rank

Chaos Levels and Myth Ranks are both systems that can only be unlocked much later on in the game but can both be used to alter your loot level. Myth Ranks are sub-skill sets that players will be able to earn points for to increase a variety of stats – including your looting fortune.

Chaos Levels, however, are a rebranded version of previous Mayhem Levels, meaning you can manipulate the settings of a run in the Chaos Chamber. Therefore, the harder you make it, the more luxurious the prize will be.

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group of created heroes in tiny tina's wonderlands2K Games
Playing the game naturally will be a surefire way to get you what you want eventually.

Leveling up

A pretty self-explanatory one here: Play the game, complete quests, go out of your way to kill enemies, and you’ll eventually hit the game’s level cap. Along the way, every subsequent level you reach will make marginal improvements to your loot luck.

Item attributes

The normal loot you’ll pick up as you journey through your playthrough will sometimes come with relevant bonuses.

An amulet, for example, might give you a small percentage boost to loot luck, so you’ll obviously need to be mindful of this if you want great loot, but want to switch out the gear.

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Golden Dice

You will have noticed that Wonderlands is chocked full of D&D-style dice, and if you notice any of these cool collectibles scattered throughout the lands, then pick them up. Along with the completionist approach of getting them all and the loot they drop, they will sometimes drop loot luck consumables to make an orange more likely going forward.

players running along in tiny tina's overworld hub2K Games
Make sure to explore all of the Overworld to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Luck Shrine

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands introduced a new world map hub area called the Overworld.

Players can explore this and complete one-off mines and areas that will reward Shrine Pieces. Completing a set of pieces and turning them into a shrine will give some goodies and loot luck modifiers can also be one of them.

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Shift Codes / Skeleton Keys

Not a conventional way of doing things as it won’t do anything to your loot luck multiplier, but Skeleton Keys are about the closest method the game has to assuring the player of a Legendary.

2K are always releasing Shift Codes that can be redeemed in-game. If successful, players can be awarded one, two, or several Skeleton Keys that can be redeemed on the main treasure chest in Brighthoof. Use one, and it will generate random, high-rarity loot — even Legendary items.

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Farm Bosses

Throughout the game’s story, you’ll encounter many fearsome and tough bosses that can take a mighty effort to bring down. Their defeat is celebrated by an explosion of riches that rain down following the conclusion of the battle.

Bosses can be replayed again and you can take umbrage with any of these foes multiple ties to farm them and hope for better loot each time.

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