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There was nothing ‘VIP’ about Anthem’s demo weekend, will BioWare recover?

Published: 28/Jan/2019 15:32 Updated: 28/Jan/2019 15:40

by David Purcell


Anthem is BioWare’s largest priority at the moment and it’s fair to say that the game didn’t get off to the smoothest of starts with the VIP demo, but they do claim to be solving the problems found in testing. Will that be enough to keep people on board?

It’s always difficult for new games that get off on the wrong foot, as the developer has been building towards its release for quite some time – offering a number of gameplay livestreams and solid interaction with potential fanbase.  

However, with so many issues springing up in Anthem’s VIP demo weekend causing frustration for people wanting to try it out, BioWare have responded promptly to reassure players that they will be resolved. 

BioWareAnthem, the futuristic multiplayer developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts.

While rumors had started to circulate that perhaps the server wasn’t prepared for the amount of players who wanted to play the VIP demo, they have since been dismissed. 

“I want to dispel one comment we’ve seen: that we under-planned for server capacity. To ensure stability, we intended to manage our servers to match the player population as it grew” Chad Robertson, BioWare’s Head of Live Service, said in a blog post to the community. 

He says that the developer has since resolved three unexpected issues with the game, which includes an investigation into platform connection problems, account flags preventing VIP players from accessing the demo and ‘Infinite loads’ – which was an issue they also spotted in internal testing. 

While there is a chance that some unsatisfied players might not return to the game, or no longer think too highly of Anthem after playing the demo like popular streamer Shroud, BioWare is still working to resolve issues and make the full game’s experience better. 

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and sincerely apologize for those who have had issues getting into the game” the blog post also states. “As a token of appreciation for your enthusiasm and any issues you encountered, we’re giving everyone who participated in the VIP demo weekend an additional new vinyl at launch.”

Moving forward, Robertson also revealed that their top priorities will be to investigate further login or entitlement problems, implement fixes to prevent ‘infinite loads’ from occurring in the future and improve server performance ahead of the game’s release in February.

This is a period of testing for the game and while the demo might not have passed with flying colors, fans will be expecting a lot more from the final version of Anthem. The developer will hope that not too many fans heads have turned after the troubled first glimpse of their newest title. 


Game-breaking Valorant bug gives Omen players infinite teleports

Published: 24/Jan/2021 21:26

by Julian Young


Already plagued by numerous bugs, Omen has been hit with another unintended exploit after Valorant’s 2.01 patch. The new bug allows players to cancel and re-use the Agent’s ultimate ability, giving them infinite teleports with no cooldown.

A main part of Valorant’s appeal is the variety of Agents that players take control of when battling their opponents. The game’s characters provide a variety of archetypes and playstyles to choose from, and these choices provide one of the main attractions for new and veteran players alike.

One of the characters available at release, Omen, was a popular choice from the start because of his unique abilities. With a kit that allows the Agent to distract, confuse and flank enemies, he remains a top pick for the Controller role in both casual and ranked play.

Despite his popularity, the ‘phantom of a memory’ remains controversial due to numerous bugs related to his abilities. After patch 2.01, it appears a new game-breaking Omen exploit was introduced that allows players to use his ultimate ability with no cooldown whatsoever.

Valorant Omen Ultimate Ability No Cooldown Glitch
Reddit / 'u/LogicaLogix'
A new Omen exploit allows players to re-use their ultimate ability with no cooldown.

In a clip shared to Reddit by ‘u/LogicaLogix,’ the player can be seen using his ultimate ability again and again with no cooldown between uses. The short video shows Omen activating his teleport, appearing at the intended location, but then canceling the ability’s animation at the last second.

After animation-canceling, Omen’s ultimate is immediately ready to use again, and the appropriate voice line plays each time, saying “My ultimate is ready.” The player teleports around the map 3 times in this manner, with his ultimate fully charged and ready to use after every activation.

One user asked u/LogicaLogix how he was able to pull this off, and the poster explained that “you have to pull out your knife and left click on the map at the same time, then use an ability right before you tp.” This will not be an easy move to pull off, and the player admits “The timing is very hard to get down.”

Omen can cancel his ultimate animation after teleporting from VALORANT

The post’s comments were filled with frustration and disbelief from the community. “Every week, every week it’s the same with Omen,” one user replied. Another asked “[have] we had a single patch without an Omen bug?”

While bugs are not uncommon in any title, Omen has suffered from an extremely high number of issues since Valorant’s initial release. At one point, Riot even removed the character from the game while they worked to address another teleporting issue related to the Agent.

Riot has not responded to u/LogicaLogix’s post at the time of writing. While they have yet address the latest Omen bug, their team is likely on the lookout for any issues related to the Agent and will probably push out a fix as a top priority once they are aware of the new exploit.