BioWare dev reveals incredible social hub feature for Anthem

David Purcell

BioWare has added an incredible social hub feature to Anthem and many fans are getting excited about it already.

The feature, which was revealed by the project’s lead producer Michael Gamble, shows that players will have two options to choose from once they’ve completed missions.

Instead of just pursuing their next adventure, he revealed that you’ll be able to stop off at two different locations.

Anthem is set to be released on February 22, with demo versions coming up soon.

“After a mission, you can head back to the Tarsis and catch up with some of the amazing characters we’ve created for you, or head back to the brand new Launch Bay” he tweeted.

Launch Bay is a location that will allow you to communicate with up to 16 other online players in a social hub setting, perhaps to stop off to grab another contract with friends before starting the next chapter of the game’s story.  

The video below gives us an idea of not just how the place looks, but also see the ways in which characters will move in this environment.

He ended his tweet with: “Yeah, we listened to you.” Judging by the reaction to this addition, people seem very pleased with Gamble and his team right now.

Anthem has already been showcased in a number of gameplay livestreams, but BioWare has been particularly careful in terms of not giving too much of the story away.

The chief producer also revealed that this same careful approach has been taken with the creation of the game’s demo, of which there will be two versions.

The VIP demo, which is available to everybody that has pre-ordered the game or has EA Access between January 25-27, or the basic demo which will be live between February 1-3.

We’ve also put together a list of everything we know about Anthem so far, including trailers release dates and rumors. Follow @Dexerto on Twitter to keep up with all of the latest news.

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