Top four PlayStation 2 games that deserve a PS5 port

Nate Searl

It has officially been 20 years since the PS2 first made its debut on October 26, 2000, so in honor of the legendary console, we’ve put together some of its best games that deserve a re-release for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

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If you haven’t felt old lately, it’s time to change that. The PlayStation 2 turns 20 years old today, and while new consoles have come and gone since then, the PS2 was home to some of the best games ever created.

Some of those games have been re-released, but they are iconic enough to deserve a port for the PlayStation 5 when it comes out in November. Here are the top-four games that should be released again on the PS5.

4. GTA: Vice City

gta vice city box art
We’d love to return to Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was the fourth addition to the revered GTA franchise and still considered to be the best in some circles.

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There hasn’t been a new installment since GTA 5’s release back in 2013, and it doesn’t seem like there’s one coming in the near future either, so it would be cool to relive Vice City on the PlayStation 5

3. God of War 2

god of war 2 art
God of War 2 was great.

The second chapter of the God of War Series was what really got the franchise going. Like the other GOW games, it follows Kratos as he attempts to save the world from the wrath of the titans.

Hailed at the time for its ground-breaking mechanics and story, it will forever be a hit worthy of re-releasing.

2. Okami

okami art
While Okami has been remastered on PS4, we’d love to see it carried over to PS5.

Okami has amazing visual elements that give it a truly unique feel, especially on the PlayStation 2. The game follows the Japanese Sun-Goddess, Amaterasu, as she adventures in the form of a white wolf in an effort to save her lands from the darkness.

The gameplay somewhat resembles the classic Legend of Zelda games on Nintendo 64, but with its own unique story and mechanics. It would be awesome to get a chance to replay this game on a much more powerful console.

1. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is a classic that combines great story elements with fun and creative mechanics. The game starts with the prince unintentionally causing the deaths of thousands of people when he steals a mysterious dagger and lets loose the Sands of Time.

He must go on an adventure to save his kingdom and make difficult choices along the way. This game deserves a re-release, especially for those who never got to experience it during its peak. While it’s being remade for PS4, we really want to play it on PS5, too.

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