The Devil in Me gets Curator’s Cut & Friend’s Pass in free update

The Devil in MeBandai Namco

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me has now added a Curators Cut and a Friends Pass mode in a free update that all owners of the game can download.

The Devil in Me was 2022’s chapter of The Dark Pictures Anthology and saw a group of horror filmmakers trapped in an actual house of horrors as each is stalked by a relentless serial killer. You can check out what we thought about the game in our review, as well as some analysis of the ending and story.

Now, the game has added a curator’s cut which promises to, give players “the opportunity to see the game from a different character perspective as well as experience new outcomes, with exclusive scenes following their initial playthrough.”

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The devil in me killerSupermassive Games
Mr. Du’met stalks his prey.

This likely means that new content has been added and players can see things from characters’ points of view that may not previously have been used in that way. This is what happened in the previous Dark Pictures chapter and often added another layer of playability to these bitesize horror outings.

The Friend’s Pass will allow anyone who’s purchased the game to share it with a friend who has not by using the new Shared Story mode. This means even if you don’t own the game, you can jump into it with a friend that does and enjoy some multiplayer horror.

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Be aware though, this Friend’s Pass option is only available for one month as a way of letting new players see if they enjoy the game enough to purchase it themselves. This means if you have a friend who owns The Devil in Me and you want to try it out for yourself, now’s the time to jump into this spooky adventure.

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