The Devil in Me endings explained

Devil in Me Du'metSupermassive Games

Have you got to the end of The Dark Pictures Anthology season one finale, The Devil in Me but are still unsure what it all means? Here’s The Devil in Me ending explained naturally, spoilers from here on out.

Depending on the choices you made in The Devil in Me, you could see a variety of different endings. It’s possible for all five protagonists to escape the Murder Castle, along with Connie the dog – or for the sun to rise on their mutilated corpses.

However, regardless of the ending you get in the game, there are still several mysteries to unpack and different endings give you different nuggets of information to help you figure them out. Below, regardless of who lived and who died, we’ll explain what we’ve learned from seeing a variety of endings and combine all this information into one explainer.

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The devil in me killerSupermassive Games
Mr. Du’met stalks his prey.

I don’t like Mundays

The game involves five members of a horror documentary film crew being lured to an island, stranded, and hunted one by one by someone who is essentially Micheal Myers in a bowler hat. The killer is a copycat of real-life serial killer H.H. Holmes and is going out of his way to replicate his idol’s killing spree.

As the five protagonists explore the Murder Castle in The Devil in Me, they find various files, notes, recordings, and materials that shine a light on the backstory of the psychopath who’s stalking them. The killer, known as Grantham Du’Met to the protagonists, was originally a police detective who captured and then became fascinated by another serial killer called Manny Sherman.

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Du’met’s real name was Hector Munday and notes about his childhood reveal he always had psychotic tendencies and wasn’t always able to suppress them. While Manny Sherman was incarcerated, Munday would visit him and learn about his philosophies surrounding killing – and they would talk extensively about H.H. Holmes. Recognizing that Munday was also a psychopath, Sherman would secretly mentor him until he was executed for his crimes.

After this Munday would go on his own killing spree and would even dig up Sherman and turn his body into an animatronic. Eventually, the law caught up to Munday, forcing him to fake his own death and flee to an island some of his distant relatives owned on Lake Michigan. Assuming a new identity, he had his family build him the Murder Castle as a tourist attraction. He later killed them, turned them into animatronics, and inherited their vast wealth.

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Now stylizing himself as Mr. Du’Met, Munday would lure unsuspecting victims to his Murder Castle just like H.H. Holmes did, putting his lessons from Sherman to diabolical use.

Devil in Me charactersBandai Namco
The cast of characters in The Devil in Me.

The Devil in Me good and bad endings

Should only two of the film crew survive, they’ll be captured by Du’Met and forced to pose as him to lure another group of victims to the island. Should they refuse, they’ll be murdered, but if they agree, Du’Met will seemingly release them once the task is done. However, he’ll later double-cross and murder them too. This means that unless at least three characters survive – it’s likely that none of them do.

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It’s revealed that the Du’Met who lured the film crew onto the island was one of the survivors from the previous group of victims, called Morello. Despite being seen fleeing the island with his daughter, Morello is actually murdered before he can reach the mainland, along with his daughter. His body can be found should you unlock the ‘Happier Ending’.

Should more than three characters manage to survive the Murder Castle, then it’s possible to overcome Du’Met and escape on a boat. Like any good slasher monster, Du’Met comes back for one last scare before he’s stabbed and hooked to the boat before it crashes into the rocks and explodes. The survivors then flag down a truck and contact the police to report their ordeal.

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However, a mysterious figure retrieves Du’Met’s mask, suggesting he may have survived. A news report then plays revealing that the Murder Castle has been found by police and that countless bodies have been discovered. As the report plays in the background, a new group of filmmakers is lured to another location by a Mr Du’Met, suggesting that the killer has more than one Murder Castle and that the cycle continues.

As far as we know, Du’Met always survives the story and gets away, but it’s still possible to expose him and his crimes, forcing him to flee to his next H.H. Holmes-inspired Murder Castle. The fates of the five protagonists however are in your hands, and the more people you keep alive, the easier it is to save the others. With each character’s death, you steadily get closer to the bad, or very bad ending.

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So that’s it, the ending of The Devil in Me explained and the person behind all the killings revealed. Looking for more ending explainers? Check out some more below:

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