TikToker’s dog goes viral after getting too invested in cat from Stray game

dog responds to stray cat on tiktokTikTok, jenntennn / BlueTwelve Studio

A dog has gone viral on TikTok for its hilarious reaction to a clip from Stray, a game all about cats.

Stray is a game where the player takes control of a stray cat – you guessed it.

Developed by BlueTwelve Studio and released in July 2022, Stray captured the imagination of thousands of people and has a flawless 10/10 rating on Steam.

While many people around the world enjoyed the playthrough, one furry customer got a little too invested in a viral video.

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Dog goes viral on TikTok watching Stray game

The clip was uploaded by TikTok user jenntenn on August 4, racking up over 800,000 likes and 4.2 million hits.

The short video is far and away the best performing on their account, with the second highest coming as a spinoff to the one below, posted days later.

“I think she’s fully invested now,” Jenn posted, showing her pooch on the sofa watching Stray. It didn’t take its eyes off the cat character for a second and as it moved around the screen, it eventually falls down a steep drop.

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Instantly, Jenn’s dog leaps from the sofa in an effort to catch or save the cat. Their intentions divided users in the comments as well.

One said: “She tried to save it,” while another posted: “For the rest of her life she’s gonna regret not being fast enough to save that cat.”

What happens to Stray in fall scene?

We will never know what the dog was thinking in this viral clip, but we do know what happened to the feline after the TikTok ended. It didn’t die if that’s what you had assumed.

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The cat – based on a real one called Murtaugh but known as Stray in the video game – lands in a trash-filled pipeline. As the player, you can control Stray as it ventures through the dirty surroundings from there onwards.

For more information on Stray, check out our full review here.

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