Star Wars fans blast KOTOR II port for game-breaking bug: “No way to complete this game”

star wars knights of the old republic 2 kotor iiAspyr Media

A game-breaking bug in the ‘Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2’ Nintendo Switch port is preventing players from finishing the game, and the devs responded to players’ growing angst on the issue.

Star Wars KOTOR came out on the Switch in 2021 with the sequel landing in early June 2022. That made the classic saga accessible to millions of players on-the-go. Unfortunately, during various points in KOTOR 2, players have been experiencing persistent crashes.

The port’s developers, Aspyr Media, has since been working to clean up the game’s biggest problems but has yet to roll out a greater fix for the bug stalling playthroughs.

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This has left nostalgic players in the dark for when they’d be able to get their money’s worth out of the new Switch release, despite the devs addressing the problem.

“Are you guys aware there is no way to complete this game?” Twitter user Daniel Moore said. “I’ve been stuck on the Onderon Basilisk Crash for a week now. What’s the ETA on a patch?

Aspyr responded a short while later signaling that the developer team was indeed alerted to the crash bug and has it listed on the company’s Trello.

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star wars kotor 2Aspyr Media
KOTOR 2 players are hitting a consistent crash during their Nintendo Switch port walkthrough.

But this wasn’t very reassuring for people who’ve been waiting for a KOTOR 2 patch to fix the problem, especially since the devs didn’t shed more light on a timeline for the update.

“While we cannot provide an ETA at this time, we will definitely let you know when the patch is live,” Aspyr wrote. Moore pressed them about KOTOR 2 being unplayable and the devs reiterated their position.

“Yes, we are aware and our dev team is working on delivering the patch as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in the meantime,” they said.

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Without a confirmed fix for KOTOR 2, Star Wars fans will be waiting with bated breath to see when they can finish the game ahead of the studio’s more ambitious PlayStation 5 remake of the original title.