Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 4: Daring rescue mission recalls original trilogy


Obi-Wan Kenobi got back to basics in Episode IV, with a dramatic rescue mission recalling the original trilogy, and harking back to the adventure serials on which the films were based. Just beware of OBI-WAN SPOILERS AHEAD…

The episode kicked off with Obi-Wan recovering from the injuries inflicted on him by Darth Vader at the end of Episode III. He finds himself in a bacta tank similar to the one that keeps Vader alive, while flashbacks and a voiceover draw parallels between the pair.

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Rather than explore their similarities, however, the plot quickly kicks into hypderdrive, thanks to Leia’s recent disappearance.

Reva has kidnapped the Princess, and is keeping her prisoner at the Fortress Inquisitorius on a Water Moon. So before his body has time to heal, Obi-Wan and Tala take to the skies on a daring rescue mission.

Reva interrogates Leia, Leia mocks Reva

Moses Ingram in Obi-Wan Kenobi.Disney+
Moses Ingram as Reva.

Reva’s job title is Inquisitor, and she lives up to the name in this episode, interrogating little Leia while at the same time revealing details about herself. She’s after two piece of information – the location of Obi-Wan, and details of “The Path” that gives safe passage to the Jedi.

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But Leia is having none of it, even asking “Is this a staring contest?” when Reva tries to use the Force on her.

And in trying to empathise with Leia, we learn a little about Reva’s backstory. “I had a droid when I was young too,” she tells the Princess. “It was taken from me, like everything else.”

This adds credence to the theory that Reva was a Jedi who nearly fell victim to Order 66, and found herself on the run because of the massacre. A later line she tells Leia, “I know what it’s like to be alone,” also suggests this.

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But Reva soon runs out of patience with her prisoner, sending Leia away with the ominous words, “I hope you like pain.”

Obi-Wan springs/swims into action

Episode IV is made up of twin stories, so Leia’s interrogation is juxtaposed with Obi-Wan’s rescue attempt. Utilising Tala’s officer access – as well as Obi-Wan’s impressive breast-stoke – they make it into the heavily-guarded Fortress.

Once inside, Kenobi takes down Troopers, while Tala guides him through the villainous maze. There’s a brief, beautiful sequence where Obi-Wan brutally brandishes his lightsaber in the dark, and another where he holds an ocean back with The Force.

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Tragedy hits when Kenobi stumbles upon a long hall with dead rebels encased in glass either side. “This isn’t a fortress” he tells Tala, “It’s a tomb.”

Obi-Wan eventually finds and frees Leia, hiding her under his cloak to make their escape. Then the airborne cavalry appears and whisks them away to safety, but not before suffering a casualty of their own.

Darth Vader strikes back

Darth Vader isn’t happy with Reva.

It’s a sad end to a fun episode. One that lacks depth, but fills that void with action and adventure. And what it sets in motion points to where the series is heading.

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Darth Vader is angry with Reva during the finale, stating, “You were warned what defeat would bring. I will tolerate your weakness no longer.”

But Reva counters with the fact that she has placed a tracker on Obi-Wan’s ship. That tracker is then revealed to be Leia’s droid. So while our heroes make it away relatively unscathed, it seems that Reva – and Darth Vader – won’t be far behind.

Obi-Wan Kenobi continues on Disney+ next Wednesday, June 15.

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