Sonic Frontiers expansion reveals new playable characters and story for 2023

Sonic Frontiers ExpansionSEGA

Sonic Frontiers has revealed its brand new expansion roadmap for 2023. Three major updates are in the works introducing new playable characters, more story content, a photo mode, and brand new challenges.

Sonic Frontiers is the newest 3D Sonic game, and is the first in the franchise to introduce open world elements. During the game’s initial launch, it broke the series’ record for the most concurrent players on Steam, demonstrating its success.

Sega seems committed to the game’s continued development, hoping to improve the experience for all Sonic Frontier players. The developers are looking to further expand upon the game with three waves of content updates throughout 2023.

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The roadmap for Sonic Frontiers’s content updates was shared by the official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account. Its first update prioritizes adding a juke box, a photo mode, and new challenge modes.

The juke box will likely allow players to choose out the music, while photo mode is rather self explanatory. As for the new challenge modes, expect more of the same formula already present in the game.

Update 2 celebrates Sonic’s birthday on June 23. Therefore, expect the second update to occur around that time in the year. It also brings open zone challenges and new Koco, which are essentially collectables within the game.

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The third Sonic Frontiers, which will likely release during the latter half of 2023, promises new playable characters and a new story. Amy, Tails, and Knuckles all feature on the graphic, so the gang might be getting back together in a playable capacity.

As of now, no other details regarding the characters or story have revealed. Sega will most definitely release a trailer teasing the new character and story once their release gets closer, so keep an eye out.

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