Silent Hill Transmission: All announcements, reveals, & how to watch

silent hill transmission headerKonami

Konami announced an online event called Silent Hill Transmission which will reveal future updates to the Silent Hill series. Here’s everything fans need to know about the event.

Following the tumultuous departure of Hideo Kojima from Konami which resulted in the cancellation of Silent Hills, the Silent Hill franchise has long been dormant.

However, rumors about a possible reboot or continuation of the series have been swirling for years despite silence from Konami. But now it seems a new Silent Hill game may be coming.

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Now the developer has broken its silence and announced Silent Hill Transmission, an event that will feature “the latest updates for the Silent Hill series.” This article will go over everything fans need to know about the event.


How to watch Silent Hill Transmission

The Silent Hill Transmission event featured over half an hour of information surrounding brand-new titles and experiences in the Silent Hill franchise.

Readers on mobile can skip to 9:36 for the beginning of the showcase:

Konami released the showcase on the official Silent Hill YouTube account, which was hosted by Twitch Streamer, Partner, and Cosplayer Celina alongside Motoi Okamoto, the producer of the Silent Hill series.

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The showcase itself revealed a few new Silent Hill games, a new Silent Hill film, and a “live real-time interactive series.”

Everything announced during Silent Hill Transmission

The Silent Hill Transmission showcased opened with a trailer for the Silent Hill 2 remake, which will be developed by Bloober Team.

It appears to be a ground-up remake made in Unreal Engine and will be a PS5 console-exclusive title. The trailer noted that Silent Hill 2 will also be available on PC, but will “not be available on other formats for 12 months after release.”

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silent hill 2 remake james nooseKonami / Bloober Team
Silent Hill 2 focuses on James Sunderland’s journey through the nightmarish town of Silent Hill, Maine.

Additionally, Silent Hill 2’s original Concept Artist Masahiro Ito and Composer Akira Yamaoka return to assist with the remake.

Next, Konami revealed Silent Hill Townfall, developed by Annapurna Interactive and No Code Productions. Unfortunately not much is known about the game aside from the brief teaser trailer that revealed the game’s logo and a promise that more will be shown off sometime next year.

From there, Konami revealed that it is once again partnering with film director Christophe Gans for another Silent Hill film called Return to Silent Hill. When speaking about the script for this new film he said it was “a new Silent Hill movie that is totally independent from the two previous movies made and respects the way Silent Hill has evolved.”

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Return to Silent Hill is a brand-new film set to release in 2023.

After showing off some official Silent Hill merch, Konami unveiled a “live real-time interactive series” centered around the series called Silent Hill: Ascension.

According to Genvid CEO Jacon Navok, Ascension is a live, interactive series where “millions of fans will watch together as the chilling story unfolds” and “decisions you make mean life or death in the story.”

Finally, the event concluded with the reveal of Silent Hill F developed by NeoBards Entertainment. Though details were scarce about this closing announcement, it seems this game will be set in Japan as opposed to America.

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silent hill f flower girl 2Konami
The trailer ends with the school girl being consumed by the deadly, flowering vines.

The bone-chilling trailer followed a young Japanese student walking through a desolate Japanese town that was slowly being consumed by some sort of red, viny plant.

And that’s everything Konami revealed during the Silent Hill Transmission showcase event. Hopefully, Silent Hill fans are looking forward to all the projects coming in the future.

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