Shroud reviews new Forza BR, explains why GTA 5 is the best racing game


Streaming star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has weighed in on the new battle royale mode inside Forza Horizon 4 and explained why no actual racing game comes close to Grand Theft Auto V and it’s mechanics. 

The popularity of battle royale titles like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has seen other games like Call of Duty and Battlefield rush to put their own spin on things. Yet, one of the newest and perhaps strangest battle royale ideas comes from Forza Motorsport.

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With Forza Horizon receiving new content updates, the game’s developer dropped The Eliminator – a racing variant of a battle royale but if you’re expecting to hide across landscapes and crash into players to eliminate them, well, you’ve got the wrong game. Instead, it’s a knockout race where you take on a player in a race to a certain aspect.

Twitch: shroudShroud has continued his battle royale dominance after his move from Twitch to Mixer.

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With Shroud being the battle royale king when it comes to streaming, he was asked for his opinion on it during his December 22 broadcast. “Forza’s BR is a knockout race, yeah, it’s not exactly what I expected,” he said. “I think Forza’s BR would be cool if the map design was a little different, but I’m not a fan of Horizons.”

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Yet, that led him to a bigger point about the racing game genre in general. “No racing game that has come out recently has been better than GTA 5 racing,” shroud added. GTA 5 has some of the best mechanics in any car racing game ever.”

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The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional continued on: “Every other game, they flop on some sort of area in the racing, but GTA 5 is the only game that is perfect on all aspects when it comes to racing. It’s crazy.”

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Shroud further highlighted the game’s physics and mechanics as being a key selling point for how good it is, despite the fact that so many other elements go into a GTA game.

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While Forza may have its fans, especially with the unique Horizon series, it appears as if they may have hit wide of the mark with their battle royale take.

Who knows, maybe Shroud will get his wish with GTA 6 and Rockstar Games will combine racing and battle royale’s in a perfect, ideal blend. We can only wait and see.

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