Scump mindblown by how outrageous Warzone cheaters have become

Scump WarzoneActivision

Warzone has become a breeding ground for hackers and Scump has felt their wrath first hand, as he shows just how brutal the game has become. 

Call of Duty players are some of the toughest out there, when it comes to enduring game-changing tweaks, for better or worse. From “no skill” melee attacks to Superman-like jumps, Activision’s battle royale has regressed into a battleground full of absurd glitches and issues.

To make things worse, hackers continue to run rampant within the game, making the experience a pretty unfair one.

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OpTic Scump’s latest lowlight shows just how devastating the Verdansk battlefield has become thanks to cheaters.

Warzone Gas Armor platesActivision
Warzone is set to revamp with a WW2 map with the release of Vanguard.

Scump gets obliterated by humiliating hackers

Scump has battled with some of the best CoD players of all time but despite his best efforts, he’s no match for Warzone hackers who have aimbots and wallhacks up their sleeve.

Enjoying some quads with Cloakzy, Methodz, and Accuracy, Scump was simply rotating across Verdansk, looking to get the drop on an unexpecting group of enemies.

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He popped Dead Silence and tried to sneak up on them, but Scump was blasted out of the game in pretty suspicious fashion.

My Warzone experience in a nutshell.

— OpTic Scump (@scump) October 2, 2021

It’s one thing to get marked by the infuriating Combat Scout, but sealing the deal with aimbot no-scope, well that is just straight-up cruel. “Uhhh, I’m in a blender,” exclaimed the OpTic captain as he met his bitter end. “He shot at the ground and it hit my head!” he added after viewing the kill-cam.

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When Warzone integrates its World War 2 themed map with Vanguard, these hackers will hopefully be a thing of the past thanks to the new anti-cheat, though not everyone is convinced.

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