Ruthless Brigitte Warhammer 40K skin idea would be her coolest yet - Dexerto

Ruthless Brigitte Warhammer 40K skin idea would be her coolest yet

Published: 25/Apr/2021 0:08 Updated: 25/Apr/2021 1:10

by Bill Cooney


One Overwatch fan has taken Brigitte to the grim darkness of the 41st millennia with a badass new skin idea that turns the healer into a loyal servant to the Emperor of Man.

The future world that Overwatch imagines is generally bright and full of hope, while the future presented to us in the Warhammer 40K universe is literally a nightmare where humans are generally found at the bottom of the food chain.

Despite the differences between the two realms, Finnish game developer and artist Mikko Kautto decided to turn Brigitte into a Sister of Battle, and the results look incredibly cool.


Blizzard Entertainment
Brigitte has all kinds of skins, but not one as an interstellar crusader — yet.

The Sisters of Battle, to get technical, are one of the military divisions of the Imperium of Man’s state church in 40K — and they’re every bit as zealous and fanatical as their more famous Space Marine compatriots.

Like most other human armies in Warhammer, Sisters of Battle gear looks like a mashup of Mad Max with a gothic cathedral, and it’s a look the friendly Brigitte pulls off surprisingly well.

Her shield is appropriately adorned with plenty of skulls and other motifs familiar to Warhammer, continuing on her armor along with the Sisters’ Fleur-de-lis symbol.

Brigitte looks like she could be on a tabletop at your local Warhammer store, and Kautto included plenty of detail, even down to the purity seals providing the proper safeguards against Chaos — something no loyal servant of the Emperor can head into battle without.


Mikko Kautto/Artstation
“Scandinavian style? No, it has to be Imperium of Man style.”

As you can probably guess, a Warhammer/Overwatch crossover will most likely not happen. Probably because it’s similar enough to StarCraft that Blizzard would probably just prefer to include content from that, like Reinhardt’s BlizzCon skin for 2021.

Still, Brigitte’s Sister of Battle skin, even if it is a sketch, just looks so undeniably cool it’s almost hard to wrap your head around, especially if you’re already a fan of 40K and Overwatch to begin with.