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Rumors suggest Mass Effect remastered will finally be announced on N7 Day

Published: 6/Nov/2020 23:01

by Tanner Pierce


After being speculated about and begged for by fans for years, and subsequently denied by Electronic Arts multiple times, a remastered Mass Effect trilogy might finally get officially announced during N7 Day 2020, if some recent teases are to be believed.

For years now, Mass Effect fans have been begging for a remaster of the original trilogy. The first three games are currently locked to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, meaning there’s very few options for playing them on current-gen systems, unless you play the 360 ports via backward compatibility on Xbox One.

The idea of a remaster has been floated around for a while, but every single time it gets “rated” by some organization, either nothing happens with it, or Electronic Arts flat out denies that it’s coming and that it has no plans for a collection like that, so much so that it’s become almost a joke within the gaming community. Now, things finally look like they might be changing.

Thanks to some teases from multiple people in the gaming industry, it would appear as if the remastered collection, which is rumored to be titled Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it going to be announced during N7 Day on November 7, 2020.

While several notable figures have teased to keep an eye out for an announcement relating to something “legendary” tomorrow, the most interesting came from Jeff Grubb, a reporter for GamesBeat, who tweeted out a blurred image of what appears to be some key art for the fabled remaster.

N7 Day is a reference to an in-game military code seen in the Mass Effect, and occurs every year on November 7. The “holiday” is meant to celebrate everything the franchise has to offer and has even seen other reveals in the past, so an announcement like this wouldn’t be out of the question.

According to some tweets, the announcement is expected to go live around 8AM PST (11AM EST/4PM GMT), so be on the lookout when it happens. If this all ends up being fake, many fans are more than likely going to feel let down once more.


Baby Yoda coming in Fortnite Season 5, Mandalorian Star Wars theme leaked

Published: 24/Nov/2020 14:58

by David Purcell


Huge Fortnite Season 5 leaks have revealed the next major update will be a crossover with Star Wars and The Mandalorian, featuring Baby Yoda.ย 

The update is expected to land at the end of November, with Epic Games continuing their relationship with Disney. Previous seasons have been all about Marvel, and following on from the success of The Mandalorian Season 2, it looks like the game is set to strike while the iron is hot on the hype.

On November 24, within the week the patch is expected to roll out, leakers ShiinaBR and others are reporting the crossover is imminent.

First of all, the dataminer tweeted: “So the next Battle Pass is Star Wars themed?? Both the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda will be a part of it!”

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass leaked: Star Wars & Mandalorian

This very quickly caught the attention of fans, before later posting a leaked image of the Battle Pass advertising.

As seen below, there is an image of Fortnite skins โ€“ spearheaded by the Mandalorian โ€“ and to his side you can see little Baby Yoda, which will presumably be a Back Bling in the next major update.

Not only that, but one leaker has suggested there will also be a crew monthly subscription as part of Season 5. Based on the leaked image, it looks as if V-Bucks and the Battle Pass will be integrated into that, though we await official confirmation on that front.

More to follow…