Riders Republic Year 1 roadmap: First four seasons revealed, new content & themes

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Riders Republic artwork

The launch of Riders Republic is just the beginning as Ubisoft has a ton of additional content already in the pipeline for Year 1. Here’s everything we know about the game’s first four seasons and all the new modes, events, and cosmetics to expect.

Riders Republic is set to release on October 28 but day one is just the start of an ambitious year ahead for Ubisoft’s new extreme sports game. Before the game even arrives we already have a good idea of how the first 12 months will pan out.

Four seasons are locked in for Year 1 with each bringing its own assortment of arenas, limited-time events, and of course, all the cosmetic items you could want.

Players can access much of this content for free, but there’s also a premium track available through the Year 1 Pass, unlocking Exotic Kits and even early access to various modes.

From when it all gets underway to the overall theme of each season, here’s a complete rundown on the first year of content in Riders Republic.

Riders Republic Editions: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate

Riders Republic versions explained
Riders Republic has three different versions available to purchase.

If you’re eager to jump in, your first step is picking the right version of Riders Republic for your enjoyment.

The base version of the game still comes with access to free seasonal content throughout the first year, meaning you won’t miss out on everything. But those with premium access will have a little more to play with.

Riders Republic Gold Edition comes with the base game and the Year 1 Pass, providing full access to every piece of new content over the first 12 months. The Year 1 Pass cannot be purchased separately, so the Gold Edition is your cheapest method of collecting all content across the first four seasons.

Last but not least is the Ultimate Edition. This comes with all of the above plus the Ultimate Pack including various cosmetics 20 Helicopter Tickets.

Riders Republic Pre-Season: The Grand Opening

Riders Republic first season artwork
Riders Republic kicks off with The Grand Opening on day one.

Kicking off the first year of Riders Republic is The Grand Opening. This pre-season stretch begins on the launch day of October 28 and continues until Season One gets underway in early 2022.

This initial period features a mix of new multiplayer modes and weekly challenges. Mass Race, Tricks Battle, Free for All, and Versus have all been listed as new playlists arriving as part of The Grand Opening.

While all of the above is free for everyone, Year 1 Pass owners will get some added goods in the pre-season. Two Exotic Kits will be available from day one as premium players can use the Rocket Bike and the Rocket Skis to create their own mayhem.

Riders Republic Season 1: Winter Bash

Riders Republic Season One artwork
The Winter Bash is the theme for Season 1 in Riders Republic.

Season 1 is where things really get underway in Riders Republic as a proper seasonal progression system comes into play. From this point on, players can earn new content and exclusive rewards by participating in limited-time multiplayer modes, along with competing in events and various activities.

This season is also set to continue adding new multiplayer modes and fresh weekly challenges for all players.

On the premium end, Year 1 Pass owners can access the Winter Cosmetic Bundle as well as more Exotic Kits that are yet to be revealed.

Riders Republic Season 2: Showdown Time

Riders Republic Season Two artwork
Prepare for a showdown in Season 2 of Riders Republic.

Season 2 is set to introduce the Showdown mode, allowing players to compete in 6v6 battles across “wild arenas.” The goal here is to collect more gems than the opposing team before the time runs out.

More live events are expected here along with various limited-time experiences to boot. As usual, Year 1 Pass owners can also get their hands on more Exotic Kits and even early access to the newer content.

Riders Republic Season 3: BMX

Riders Republic Season 3 art
The final season of Year 1 focuses heavily on BMX action.

Closing out Year 1 in Riders Republic is a BMX-heavy season with an entire new BMX career available alongside new arenas and playgrounds.

Premium players can nab a legendary BMX cosmetic bundle in Season Three before dropping into new BMX multiplayer modes and limited time events.

Riders Republic Year 1 Roadmap
The full roadmap for Riders Republic Year 1.

That’s everything on the horizon for the first year in Riders Republic. Whether you’re after new tracks, new equipment, or new looks, both the free and premium offerings should keep you covered.

We’re sure to hear plenty more as the weeks go by so keep your eyes peeled for new details on Season 1 as the Riders Republic pre-season gets underway soon.

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