Respawn jobs reveal first details about next game: Boss fights, RPG elements & more

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Respawn new game
Respawn Entertainment

Several job listings from Respawn Entertainment have revealed the first details of their new IP, which was officially confirmed earlier this year.

Respawn are best known for the Titanfall series and Apex Legends, and more recently their work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

A job listing appeared in January, first revealing that Respawn was working on a new IP that would allow players to “adventure forever.” The company confirmed that they were working on something totally new in April, with a further set of vacancies opening up.

However, details on what the game might include, or even what genre it was, were totally missing from these job listings, as the studio is clearly in the very early stages of development on the project.

Titanfall 2 demand sequel
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn made their name with the Titanfall franchise.

New Respawn game: Combat, bosses

A fresh set of job vacancies have confirmed a number features that will be part of the game, or at least are planned to be.

One vacancy is for the Lead Combat Designer on the project, and the description mentions boss fights:

“Our ideal candidate is well-versed in the areas of control mechanics, enemy design, AI behaviors, combat/weapons, class design, skills/progression, story, and boss encounters.”

Respawn has already done boss fights in Titanfall and Fallen Order, but mentions of class design and skills/progression potentially hint at more RPG-like elements.

Fallen Order fight
Respawn Entertainment
Respawn’s Fallen Order (2019) was a big success for the studio.

Economy system?

Another vacancy, for Senior Systems Designer, gives even more insight. This role will “develop the vision of the game systems (economy, progression, etc),” and “develop gameplay systems with a focus on longer-term loops and player motivation.”

In addition, this role will “oversee the global balance and difficulty curves of the game, supporting diverse player skill levels and play styles.”

From these descriptions, our best guess is that Respawn is potentially planning an RPG-adventure title, with an emphasis on story and progression. But, with it still so early in development, anything could change.

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