Respawn takes “huge steps” to crackdown on Apex Legends DDOS cheaters

Apex Legends DDoS Hackers RespawnRespawn Entertainment

Respawn revealed that they’re taking “huge steps” to address the DDoS situation plaguing Apex Legends, admitting they’re “just as frustrated as the players” amid a huge crackdown on hackers and cheaters.

The Apex Legends developers have been at war with hackers and cheaters since day one. Not only do they use traditional cheats like aimbots and wallhacks, but they’ve also found ways to infiltrate player’s lobbies and stop them from connecting to the servers.

Now, after countless ban waves and confirmation that they’re willing to take legal action against people who DDoS attack their servers, Respawn revealed they’re finally working on a solution. And it could come soon.

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Tufi Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Like most competitive shooters, Apex Legends is swamped with cheaters and hackers.

Conor Ford, a developer in charge of the game’s security measures and dishing out bans, confirmed the news on social media.

“The DDoS situation is being addressed as we speak by our very own @ricklesauceur,” he said. “It isn’t the easiest fix in the world, but huge steps are being made to take care of this. 31 abusers were shadowbanned today in the meantime.”

He also explained that all the developers at Respawn “care” about the issue and are “just as frustrated as the players.”

It’s wonderful news for Apex Legends players who have become increasingly frustrated and victimized by the recent surge of hackers. But despite being a step in the right direction, hackers and cheaters are a persistent mob and will always find ways to abuse the system.

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So, depending on how effective their measures are, it could end up being nothing more than a mere obstacle for them to overcome.