All weapons in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village weapons guideCapcom

Resident Evil Village brings plenty of weapons for players to take on the swathes of undead enemies they’ll face, and we’ve listed them all so you can get ahead of the game. Want to find out if you should sell your weapons, and how to upgrade them? We’ve got you covered there, too.

Capcom’s newest game entry in their best-selling horror-survival franchise, Resident Evil, is set a few years after the events of Resident Evil 7. Once again, players take control of Ethan, as he attempts to save his daughter, who’s been kidnapped by Chris Redfield.

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In his journey through the titular snow-covered village and the looming Castle Dimitrescu, Ethan will come across plenty of terrifying enemies including the werewolf-like Lycans and, of course, Lady Dimitrescu and her team of vampires.

To take them all down, Ethan’s going to need a lot of firepower behind him. Fortunately, Resident Evil Village comes loaded with plenty of weapons to take advantage of – even if ammo does remain in short supply.


All weapons in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Weapons GuideCapcom
There are loads of weapons for Ethan to use in Village.

Players will discover a vast array of weapons as they work their way through Village, and they’ll certainly need them, with Capcom previously promising that there is a bigger focus on combat this time around.

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From the FR F2, which is Ethan’s primary bolt-action rifle, through to the Samurai Edge, which you might recognize as the very same pistol from Resident Evil 7, you should be well-equipped to survive all the horrors Village will throw at you.



  • M1897 Shotgun
  • SYG-12 shotgun
  • W870 TAC shotgun

Assault Rifles

  • Dragoon Assault Rifle
  • WCX Assault Rifle

Bolt-Action Rifles

  • F2 Sniper Rifle

Grenade Launcher

  • GM79 Grenade Launcher

Melee & Other

  • Karambit Knife
  • Mine
  • Pipe Bomb

It’s possible that there are guns that have yet to be discovered, too, so make sure to check back often!

Upgrading weapons in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village Upgrade WeaponsCapcom
Weapon upgrades will help you survive in Village.

Most guns will be able to be upgraded in Resident Evil Village, which will provide a much-needed boost in firepower for taking on the game’s antagonists like Lady Dimitrescu and her horde of vampires.

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Players can upgrade weapons easily by visiting The Duke’s Emporium. The Duke is a wandering Merchant who helpfully appears at various set points in the game, selling items and weapon upgrades.

We’ve got a complete guide for upgrading weapons in Resident Evil Village right here, which features all the information you need about getting your weapons in top form.

Should you sell weapons to The Duke?

Resident Evil Village The DukeCapcom
Duke sells a variety of deadly weapons and upgrades.

The answer to this question might surprise a few, but we would definitely recommend selling weapons that you have less use for during your playthrough. What may aid you incredibly well during the early stages of your playthrough may become less and less effective as you move through the mid-late stages of the game.

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As well as this, your inventory only holds so much, and some weapons take up a whopping 12 slots. Keeping hold of these less effective weapons will only hinder you, and so, trading those weapons you’re no longer using for a bit of Lei is never a bad idea.

One thing to note is that any decision to sell a gun is not final. You’re able to buy them back from The Duke whenever you come across him – so think of his shop as a storage box you pay a little premium to store things in.

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So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about weapons in Resident Evil Village. For more guides, such as how to defeat Beneviento and Angie, stay locked to Dexerto.