Resident Evil Village fan drops Home Alone’s Kevin into Castle Dimitrescu

resident evil village home aloneWalt Disney Co., Capcom

A skilled Resident Evil Village fan edited a video wherein Home Alone protagonist Kevin McCallister faces off against the horrors of Castle Dimitrescu.

Since the game’s release in May 2021, edits and mods for Resident Evil Village have inundated the internet.

Some PC mods feature Chris Redfield as a playable character, for example. Others transform Lady Dimitrescu into a horrifying Thomas the Tank Engine-inspired figure. Several fan-made changes even allow horror icons like Scream’s Ghostface to stalk the titular village.

One recently shared video goes the extra mile, though, mixing the Resident Evil brand with the most unlikely franchise – Home Alone.

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Home Alone meets Resident Evil Village

A video from Reddit user Ishnuporah (created by eli_handle_b․wav) brings together the worlds of Home Alone and Resident Evil. Notably, the clever fan edit showcases Kevin McCallister’s likely reactions to the many threats that pervade the horror game’s setting.

In one part of the clip, the character’s iconic scream in the bathroom mirror is juxtaposed against Lady Dimitrescu entering a room by surprise.

Another interesting segment shows Kevin lying in wait for a werewolf, then blasting it away with little effort.

The Home Alone x Resident Evil video in its entirety is incredibly well done. And the crossover’s popularity on Reddit suggests that thousands more agree.

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At the time of writing, the post has received over 3,400 upvotes. Meanwhile, praise for the editor’s efforts fill the comments section. “This is so damn ridiculous, but surprisingly well made,” one person said in the thread.

The YouTuber responsible for the edit, the aforementioned eli_handle_b․wav, also created the viral Mr. Bean in Cyberpunk 2077 and Austin Powers in Mass Effect videos. Some may recall their popular Ash Williams visits RE Village edit.

Suffice it to say, the YouTuber’s new Home Alone creation is shaping up to be another fan favorite.