Starfield players slam Bethesda as Steam reviews drop to mostly negative

Rishov Mukherjee
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Starfield has been out for a while, but the game has been consumed with controversy ever since its release. The title received success on paper, but player response continued to dwindle with every passing day. As it happens, the game has recently been reduced to Mostly Negative reviews on Steam, and players are not very happy at Bethesda.

Starfield is the first new IP by Bethesda Game Studios in over two decades. This game was supposed to encapsulate everything that made the other Bethesda titles famous and expand that to its limits. However, the developers failed to hit the sweet spot, which in turn led to unhappy responses from fans.

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In the beginning, Starfield did receive a lot of hype from the community. However, as players started to play it, they soon felt empty and eventually dropped the game. Even then, the Starfield did maintain fairly positive reviews even on Steam. However, the reviews for Starfield have recently dropped to Mostly Negative from Mixed on Steam.

This has prompted fans to discuss the issues that the game has and how Bethesda failed to capture the audience, resulting in the title’s downfall.

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Gamers slam Bethesda as Steam reviews for Starfield drop to Mostly Negative

The discussion regarding the topic was started by a Reddit user Wooden_Site_1645. The player posted a screenshot of the reviews for Starfield on Steam where it clearly shows that they have dropped to Mostly Negative.

As it happens, a lot of Reddit users joined the discussion as they wanted to elaborate on what led to this and why Bethesda is to blame. One such player commented, “Did 40+ hours from Sept 1 – Sept 11. Haven’t touched it since. Banking on updates/expansions and maybe even mods to improve it before returning. Otherwise, I probably won’t go back.”

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Another player chimed in, “My story as well. I really enjoyed it, but have zero desire to go through all that crap again to find out what’s at the end of it again.” One player also mentioned, “Back in Skyrim it worked because the world building was cool and not many games were able to achieve that. But ever since Witcher 3 came out, where each and every settlement felt believable.”

This same Reddit user continued, “Bethesda really needed to step up. Now Whiterun and the rest of Skyrim’s cities feel like a joke.” Lastly, a Reddit user claimed, “I think it is nigh time Todd retires, and Emil needs to be fired. The increasingly stupid and simplistic narrative is by DESIGN, which is outrageous but par for the course with Emil.”

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Therefore, the consensus is surrounding the point that the game does not have anything that will make players return. As it happens, players feel that Bethesda failed to step up and did not improve anything over Skyrim.

Apart from that, Todd Howard also received criticism as players felt that he has lost his magic touch.

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